31 January, 2006

Sweet Success Power Blend

Sweet Success Power BlendPower Blend is a powdered form of energy boost that you mix into your favorite juice drink.

It caught my eye because right in the middle of the bag it says, "All Natural Energy". It seemed like it was trying to say that this stuff comprised of only "natural" energy, and not any kind of factory-processed energy, or artificial energy.

Energy isn't something you touch, nor is tangible. It's heat, is all it is. Isn't energy produced from a gasoline combustion the same energy that you might exert with your foot? So what does "All Natural Energy" mean?

Well, here at Junk Food Blog, we're just as well amused with saucing up ordinary junk with a great marketing gimmick. That's where we'll chalk this one.
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Cheesy Bites Pizza

Cheesy Bites PizzaI saw a television commercial for this new pizza from Pizza Hut over the past holidays, and planned to blog it. Then I forgot about it. Today I was reminded by a flyer in my mailbox.

I continue to be impressed with the way the top pizza chains in this country continue to reinvent pizza. Cheesy Bites Pizza is nothing more than an extension on the old Stuffed Crust Pizza, except the crust is cut up into pieces making it easier to pluck off a bite full of soft warm bread with melted mozzarella goodness.

But hey, I love soft warm cheese filled breadsticks too. Why not just footlong breadsticks, maybe a bit thicker, to accomodate some cheese AND pepperoni slices inside? No need to add tomato sauce, just the cheese and pepperoni!

The Cheesy Bites Pizza is available already in limited runs in certain locations. It's set to go nationwide on Super Bowl Sunday.
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Spicy English Cheese

Spicy English CheeseGranted I'm not an expert on cuisine, or on cheese, or on English fare. But when I saw the latest offering dubbed "Spicy English Cheese" from Pilgrims Choice, a brand of cheeses from British-based North Downs Dairy Co. Ltd., it drew a contradiction in me.

I always grew up thinking that English food was the most bland tasteless stuff seemingly consistent with the timeless routines and traditions of stodgy old England. Don't rock the boat with anything spicy or demonic! That would be hedonist!

Spicy English Cheese is simply made with bits of jalapeno peppers. Keep in mind that Pilgrims Choice has produced other varieties of tongue burning milk curds. I just continue to be amused at how globalization is knocking down age old traditions. Here in the United States, everything is borrowed from one culture or another due to our immigrant history. In Europe, they're getting it all back from us.
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Asia Cigars

Asia CigarsGerman-based food manufacturer, Salomon Hitburger GmbH, has two new products on the market called "Asia Cigars".

They're pastry rolls filled with vegetables and chicken. They can be deep fried, baked, or steamed.

There are two varieties, "China Chik'n" is flavored with asian spices, and "Thai Chik'n" is more spicier with red curry sauce, coconut milk, and covered with sesame seeds.

The name "Asia Cigar" is perhaps innovative to me, and seems like an interesting way to get people to stop and take a look.
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Pickled Seaweed Apricot Chews

Lotte Wakadama To Kombu FumiThat's effectively what these are. The new confection from Lotte of Japan called "Wakadama To Kombu Fumi" has a soft chewy outside formulated to resemble the taste of a popular snack called Pickled To Kombu, a type of seaweed. It actually does contain a powdered form of kombu.

Inside the candy is a liquid center with an apricot flavor.

Growing up in a Japanese family, I know seaweed is a pretty popular food source in Japan. But my mom always seemed to go straight for the real thing, chunks of salted kelp pieces. Just suck on 'em, and swallow them when all the flavor is gone. Things have to be so complicated now.
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30 January, 2006

Still Recovering from a Motorcycle Accident

I haven't blogged much here because I've been stuck in a hospital recovery from a motorcycle accident I incurred on January 21. I was discharged home yesterday.

Long story short, I have a kidney contusion, fractured right wrist, a black & blue big toe, and scrapes along one side of my face. They put a cast on my wrist, which makes it difficult to type, and to make matters worse, I developed a really nasty allergic reaction to the cast. Go figure!

If you want more details, read the full story on my corporate blog.

I hope you check back more often, I'm gonna start blogging again, though it'll be slower for awhile. I want to thank Kelli for keeping Junk Food Blog going during my hospitalization!
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27 January, 2006

Martin's Cheese Waffle Sandwiches

Martin's Potato Chips has developed a new variety of snack that features an extreme cheese flavor with a crunch. The Cheese Waffle Sandwiches "combine the rich taste of Cheddar cheese sandwiched between two thin, crunchy waffle crisps".

The Cheese Waffle Sandwiches are packaged in a 5oz bag with a selling price of $1.99 and can be found at retailers where other Martin's varieties are sold.
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Yummers Hot Chocolate in a self heating can is very similar to the adult version, Decadent, however the kids version features action heroes and only heats to 128 degrees compared to the 140 degrees adult version. Yummers Hot Chocolate is perfect for kids on the go in the cold winter months. The Yummers are available at Target this winter in Spiderman and Incredible Hulk cans.
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Shock Hyper-Caffeinated Coffee Packs

You may have heard about SHOCK Hyper-Caffeinated coffees. SHOCK's products were featured on the Today Show, mentioned on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and seen on newscasts from Los Angeles to New York. SHOCK coffee beans have over 50% more caffeine than traditional gourmet coffee beans. Each 6oz cup of brewed coffee has about 200mg of caffeine!

SHOCK Coffee Packs come in ground or whole bean varieties and the 10 count box of 2.5 oz packs sells for $19.90. SHOCK Hyper-Caffeinated Coffee is currently sold in a variety of outlets where gourmet coffee is found or can be purchased online directly from Extreme Coffee Inc.
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Decadent Hot Chocolate

Decadent Hot Chocolate comes in a self heating can so that a hot beverage can be enjoyed anywhere you want! It is touted as "the ultimate self-indulgence, whether you are in the car, at the office, soccer games, camping, hiking or simply relaxing at home." To heat the can, you pull the tab on the bottom of the can, push the heat activation button, and then wait 6-8 minutes for the beverage to get to perfect drinking temperature. The container is said to keep the beverage hot for 30 minutes and warm up to an hour.

The gourmet hot chocolate is available in regular and mint flavors and can be purchased at Target stores nationwide. Other varieties available in the self heating can include Green Tea and Chai Tea Latte.
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Hello Kitty Candy Bracelets and Lipgloss

All little girls love jewelry, make-up, candy and Hello Kitty. Kandy Kastle put those favorites together with Hello Kitty Candy Bracelets and Candy Gel Lip Gloss.

The Candy Bracelets come in a package of three bracelets with Hello Kitty charms on them and sell for $0.99 each.

The Candy Gel Lip Gloss comes in a package that resembles an adult lip gloss, but is filled with a candy gel that is o.k. if the little ones eat. The Candy Gel Lipgloss comes in a package of two (strawberry and green apple) and also sells for $0.99.
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26 January, 2006

A1 Marinades

Kraft's A.1., known for their steak sauces, has developed a line of marinades appropriate for steak, chicken, pork and fish. The newest addition to the marinade line is Jamaican Jerk. The Jamaican Jerk marinade is great on steak, chicken & pork. The hot pepper, allspice and thyme flavors give you a bold kick of Jamaican style spice in just 30 minutes.

A.1. Steak House Marinades are sold in 16 fl. oz. (473ml) plastic squeeze bottles for $2.55. Other varieties include Classic, Chicago Steakhouse, New Orleans Cajun, Teriyaki, Garlic & Herb and Mesquite.
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Just in time for your Super Bowl party! Perdue Farms brings you Wingsters split buffalo chicken wings in a 1 1/2 pound party pack.
Wingsters are made by splitting the wingette, also called the second joint or flat, into two single-bone pieces. This makes Wingsters smaller than traditional wings and easy to eat.

The Wingsters can be heated in either conventional or microwave ovens for a quick snack. The party pack sells for about $7.49 and can be found in grocery stores across the U.S.
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Brandy Infused Strawberry and Orange Jam

Canadian chain store Sobey's has introduced a new line of food items that fit into a healthier lifestyle without giving up taste. The Compliments Sensations line includes products such as the Brandy Infused Strawberry and Orange Jam. This jam has an interesting blend of flavors with about 50 calories per serving.

"You'll be inspired by Compliments because Compliments is inspired by you", but these products are unfortunately only available at Sobey's, IGA, Foodland, Price Chopper and Commisso's in Canada. The 250ml jar will sell for around $2.49.
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24 January, 2006

Dove Chocolates For Valentines Day

Chocolate lovers have come to love Dove's Smooth Milk Chocolate taste. Dove Chocolate Hearts are now available for Valentine's Day. The heart-shaped candies, from Mars, Inc., are individually-wrapped in pink foil and presented in a pink bag.

This Valentines Day, "Lose yourself in deliciously rich, silky smooth Dove Chocolate."
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23 January, 2006

Tim's Hawaiian Kettle Chips

My family got turned on to Tim's Hawaiian kettle chips on accident when we just happened to pick up a large bag of the Maui Sweet Onion chips for a party...we've been hooked ever since. I am anxious for our market to get the new varieties as I am sure that they are as delicious as the Maui Sweet Onion Chips.

Tim's newest varieties include Wasabi and Habanero (not for those who can't handle an intense taste) as well as Hawaiian Luau BBQ. The new flavors are sold ion 1.5, 3 and 9 oz bags and are "Cooked longer to be crispy & crunchy."
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Little Debbie Mini Cookies

Little Debbie, who is known for great snacks such as Nutty Bars and Creme Pies has introduced a new snack item - Mini Cookies. The Mini Cookies are available in a single-serve laminate pouch that retails for about $0.50 each. The mini cookies are available in Chocolate Chip and Pecan Shortbread varieties.
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Tony Roma's Kettle Style Chips

The same great taste that Tony Roma's BBQ is famous for is now available at home on the new Tony Roma's Kettle Style Chips. These kettle style chips are perfect for those times when you're craving Tony Roma's BBQ sauce and need a quick fix.

The chips are sold in 1.0, 1.5 and 2.5 oz. bags and are available in markets where Vistar distributes their specialty exclusives.
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Jolly Rancher Ice Pop

Anyone who loves Jolly Rancher Hard Candies will enjoy the Jolly Rancher Ice Pop developed by Blue Bunny Ice Cream. The 4oz. ice pop contains a twisted blend of Watermelon (my personal favorite), Lemon and Green Apple flavors. The ice pops are individually wrapped and will be available soon in grocery and convenience stores nationwide.
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Hot Stuff Palm Pizza

Hot Stuff Palm Pizzas are for the ultimate lazy snacker! You can find them in heated cases in a variety of gas stations or convenience stores to get your pizza fix while on the go. The Palm Pizzas are shaped to fit in your palm and be less messy while you're eating them. The Palm Pizzas sell for 2 for $4.00 and are available in Pepperoni, Cheese, Four-Meat and Supreme varieties.

The Hot Stuff Foods website has a franchise locator so you can locate the nearest quick-stop where you can try these Palm Pizzas.
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Pepperoni Slim Jim

ConAgra Foods introduced a new flavor of Slim Jim beef snack ~ Pepperoni. Now the flavor of pepperoni that traditionally was reserved for your pizza, can be enjoyed on the go in the convenient snack-size Slim Jim. Pepperoni became the 7th flavor along with Original, Mild, Tabasco, Nacho, Chili, and Sweet & Spicy. The .97 oz Pepperoni Slim Jim can be found at grocery and convenience stores.

Did you know...There are approximately 533 million Slim Jims produced each year ~ enough to circle the Earth 3.7 times???
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Before and After Mints

Before & After Candy Company, located in Studio City, CA developed an interesting combination of flavors with their Before & After Mints. The tin which features a plump set of lips contains two flavors of mints inside - one for before and one for after. The original pairing was Peppermint and Cinnamon and the company's tag line for the mints was "Peppermint to break the ice, then Cinnamon to heat things up".

In addition to Peppermint & Cinnamon, flavors now include Peppermint & Lemon, Peppermint & Wintergreen, and Peppermint & Tangerine. The tins sell for approximately $1.99 and can be found in select stores. You can also order them directly from Before & After Candy Company by calling (866) GOT-MINTS.
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Smarties Sweet & Sour Gummies

I personally grew up on Smarties and still steal a few from the kids when they have them. I was interested to see that they released Smarties Sweet & Sour Gummies. The Smarties website claims that the gummies are sweet, sour, fruity and creamy. If they taste as good as the traditional Smarties and are gummy I'm sure they're great!

The Smarties Sweet & Sour Gummies come in 1oz packages and sell for around $0.50 each. A case of 24 rolls can be purchased for $9.65 at the Smarties Store.
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20 January, 2006

Weight Loss Power Pops

After enjoying your favorite snacks over the holidays, you may have chosen a new year's resolution of weight loss! For those of you who enjoy lollipops, new Power Pops Weight Loss Lollipops with Hoodia are available in the USA in 12-count and 30-count packages from Fun Unlimited Inc.

The individually wrapped Lollipops are said to give you a fun alternative to pills, messy powders and shakes. The Power Pops suppress appetite and provide energy. The weight loss lollipops have approximately 32 calories and are fat-free.

Flavors include Cherry, Green Apple, Mountain Berry, Pina Colada, Cinnamon, Root Beer Float, Mocha, Butter Pecan, and Raspberry Cheesecake. You can get a 12-count bag for $11.95 or a 30-count bag for $29.95.
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Some Old Time Favorites

Cadbury Adams USA has restarted production on a few old-time favorite chewing gums, but only for a limited time. Black Jack, Beemans, Sour Cherry and Sour Apple can once again be found in their traditional wrappers for a selling price of $0.59.

For those of you who love (and truly missed) these flavors, now is the time to stock up!
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FrozFruit Gourmet Frozen Fruit Bars

Although Blue Bunny is typically known for their creamy ice creams, they also produce some great fresh fruit bars. The new No Sugar Added FrozFruit Gourmet Frozen Fruit Bars are offered in two new varieties - Chunky Strawberry and Chunky Raspberry and are sold in 6-count boxes.

The FrozFruit bars contain chunks of fruit and real fruit juice. No sugar is added, rather they are sweetened with Splenda. The bars are 100% fat-free and have less than 100 calories per serving.
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Blue Bunny Premium Light Personals

Now Blue Bunny Premium Light flavors are available in personal-sized 8oz. tubs. Rather than wasting time scooping your Blue Bunny favorites such as Bunny Tracks, Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake, Double Strawberry, Super Fudge Brownie, and Vanilla you can grab a tub from your freezer and enjoy.

Not only are these Blue Bunny Premium Light Personals convenient, they contain half the fat and 25 percent fewer calories than regular ice cream so you can enjoy them with out the guilt.

Additional Blue Bunny Light flavors are available in larger containers if you want to share.
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Blue Bunny Sweet Freedom Supreme Bars

Blue Bunny Sweet Freedom Supremes No Sugar Added Reduced Fat Premium Ice Cream Bars are now available in grocery stores. Supreme flavors include Raspberry Cheesecake, Peanut Butter Cup and Turtle and are made with premium ice cream, sweetened with Splenda.

These supreme bars are made with tempting ingredients, yet have less calories than other ice cream bars. Most of the Sweet Freedom varieties feature 100 calories or less.
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19 January, 2006

Bloom'n Bouquet of Candy Pops

Albert's Bloom'n Bouquet of Candy Pops are an interesting gift idea for Valentines Day or Easter.

The Candy Pops are shaped like flowers and are packaged 6-count bouquet wrapped in plastic tied with ribbons. The bouquet includes red, yellow, purple, green, turquoise and pink Candy Pops and sells for $1.99.
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Mark. Send A Note Mints Set

Rather than a boring Valentine, this year choose Mark's Send A Note Mints Set. The set comes with "three sleek boxes filled with mints designed to get your message across."

The varieties within the 3-count package are It's Love (white peppermint flavored heart-shaped mints), Kiss Me (chocolate flavored heart-shaped mints) and Be Mine (pink cinnamon flavored heart-shaped mints).

The three piece set sells for $10 and can be purchased from Mark. online or from a local Mark. Representative.
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Rolly Pops

Ford Gum and Machine Company developed a new variety of Rolly Pops - like a lolly pop that you roll onto your tongue! The Rolly Pop is a plastic bottle with a roller top that dispenses liquid candy on your tongue as you roll it across. The 1.23 oz. Rolly Pops are available in Blue Raspberry, Strawberry, Watermelon and Grape and retail for $0.79.
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XLR8 Energy Chews

BestSweet has introduced a new way to get fast energy. XLR8 Energy Chews feature the amount of energy typically found in an 8oz. Energy drink, but formulated into a convenient chew. The individually wrapped chews contain taurine, ginseng, guarana, caffeine and B vitamins (much like other energy-products on the market today).

Keeping with the "8" theme, the XLR8 packaging features NASCAR star Dale Earnhardt Jr. who drives the Budweiser #8 car. I wonder if Dale Jr. really uses these chews to XLR8 himself through those long NASCAR races?
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Sea Babies Gummies

Foreign Candy Co. introduced a new variety in their gummies line of candies - Sea Babies. The Sea Babies are available in fish, turtle, dolphin or sea horse shapes that are fun to eat.

You can purchase a 100-count box of the Sea Babies Gummies from Candy Direct for $21.00.
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Foosh Energy Mints

Need that extra boost of energy, but don't have time for an energy drink or cup of coffee? Foosh Energy Mints are just what you need. Each mint is said to be equivalent to a cup of coffee and are "seriously caffeinated". Foosh also packs B vitamins, Ginseng and Taurine and has "more energy per serving than a typical energy drink".

Foosh Energy Mints are sold in a six-count blister pack for $1.49.
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18 January, 2006

King's Cupboard Molten Chocolate Cake Mix

King's Cupboard Molten Chocolate Cake MixNew from King's Cupboard is their Molten Chocolate Cake Mix.

It's a mouth-watering blend of warm, molten chocolate centers surrounded by velvety chocolate cake. The mix comes in two varieties, "Rich and Dreamy" and "Kona Coffee". The latter variety is described as the same, except with a blast of their exclusive dark roasted coffee from Hawaii.

The suggested retail price is $9.95 each.
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Mix 'N Magic Candy Bracelets

Mix N MagicMix 'N Magic Candy Bracelet is a line of candies from The Real Magic Potion Co., located in Salem, MA.

It's a clear plastic bracelet filled with multi-colored powder candy. The packaging reinforces the concept that the candy is actually "Good Luck Potion", perhaps capitalizing on sorcery and witchcraft popularized by Harry Potter. It actually comes with instructions advising the wearer to keep it on for several days and allow the colors to mix in. And when a boost of good luck is needed, disconnect one end of the bracelet and eat it.

The bracelets come in three varieties, "Good Luck Potion", "Secret Magic Good Luck Potion", and "Volleyball Potion".

What, you didn't know witches and sorcerers like to play volleyball?
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Soda Pop Tops

Soda Pop TopsBilled as a new Super Sippin' Sucker, the Soda Pop Top is a lollipop fixed to a soda bottle cap, probably creating the world's first soda-sucker.

The story, originally published in Confectioner Magazine, started back when three daughters of the Ceceres family began brainstorming a way to marry a lollipop with a soda bottle. One of the girls had a habit of dipping her lollipop into some soda, so they figured this was their ticket into entrepreneurship.

Available in Cherry, Grape, Orange, Watermelon, Blue Razberry and Green Apple, the Soda Pop Top is designed to fit most standard plastic soda and water bottles.

They began shipping last August to 7-11 Stores and Dollar General Stores.

Note: Soda Pop Top owns a domain name, but the site is not up yet.
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17 January, 2006

Real Bubblegum Music!

MyTunes Music Player with CandyNew from R.L. Albert & Son Inc. is the "MyTunes Music Player with Candy".

It's a music player that plays three pre-recorded tunes, and is packaged with four rolls of Bubble Gum Smarties candies. It even comes with earphones and batteries.

I'm getting this information from ProductScan, which unfortunately doesn't explain what songs this little contraption plays. And, the manufacturer's website seems to be down right now.

It has a suggested retail price of $2.99 to $3.49.
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Firepower Extreme Energy Drink

Firepower Extreme Energy DrinkHighland, CA-based Nitro2Go Inc. recently introduced a new energy drink called "Firepower Extreme Energy Drink".

Of course like any energy drink, it's all about the packaging. Bill it as "extreme" and throw in some flames, and it's just too hot to handle.

The extreme energy boost comes from a familiar blend of caffeine, ginseng, taurine and guarana, albeit we don't have information on how much concentration these ingredients are present.
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14 January, 2006

ChocoWine Reserve Series

ChocoWine Reserve SeriesDC Duby, a pairing of two world-acclaimed patissiers and chocolatiers, announced their ChocoWine Reserve series.

ChocoWine Reserve is a blending of chocolate and wine, to form one very delicious chocolate confection. But it wasn't easy to perfect. Both chocolate and wine contain tannin. When the tannins of both are combined, "they create a very astringent and, to most, very unpleasant sensation in the mouth".

But being the world acclaimed chocolatiers that they are, they put their heads together and figured it out. Thus they bequeath to us, "ChocoWine Reserve", produced with a blend of the worlds' best cocoa bean: the exclusive Criollos. They're filled with a sumptuously smooth nougat made with premium wines, produced by leading Canadian wineries, and pure hazelnut butter.

The series contains five varieties:

  • Cabernet Sauvignon

  • Merlot

  • Pinot Noir

  • Riesling Icewine

  • Cabernet Franc Icewine
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13 January, 2006

Yoplait Minigo Duo

Yoplait Canada recently released a new variety of yogurt targeted at children. The Minigo Duo combines two popular flavors in one container "because two flavors are twice the fun". Varieties in the six-count container include Chocolate-Strawberry, Strawberry-Vanilla, and Vanilla-Chocolate.
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Dentyne Ice - Avalanche Mint

Dentyne Ice in new Avalanche Mint flavor combines the soft chew that you expect from Dentyne with a cool minty coating. The Dentyne Ice variety is packaged in 12-count blister packs that are easy to take with you in a pocket or purse.

The new package claims to have "30 percent fewer calories than sugared gum. Calorie content for this size stick has been reduced from 5 to 3 1/2 calories." Each flavor will retail for $1.19.
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Bubblicious Bursts Bubble Gum

Bubblicious introduced a new varitey of bubble gum with a burst of flavor. The Bubblicious Bursts have a liquid-filled center in two flavors, Thunderin' Bubble Gum and Sour Cherry Storm (remind you of the old Freshin Up gum with the liquid center?). The new Burst Bubble Gum will be available in 7-count laminate packages, much like other Bubblicious varieties.

The newly re-designed Bubblicious website provides more details on what is in the Bubblicious Flavor Vault and you can also send your friends postcards featuring LeBron James.
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Cheez-It Gripz

Cheez-It Gripz offer the same great Cheez-It flavor in tiny bite-sized pieces to enjoy on the go. The Gripz container is a long foil pouch that is easy to hold in one hand for snacking convenience. The 1.75oz container will retail for $0.99.

Other Gripz varieties are also available such as Keebler's Chips Deluxe cookies.

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Easy Mac Microwave Cup

Easy Mac just got easier! Kraft introduced a new version of their simple-enough-for-kids Easy Mac that comes in a microwave cup. This allows the Easy Mac to be prepared in it's own container which means no dishes to worry about. Just microwave, enjoy and toss in the trash!

The new Easy Mac Cups will come in Original and Triple Cheese flavors.
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12 January, 2006

Valentine Chocolate Bars

Valentine Chocolate BarsForeign Candy Company offers these Valentine Chocolate Bars, designed as a gift to a loved one, as well as a foreign language tutor.

All of the confections made by this company are designed to teach consumers something about learning a foreign language.

The wrapper on the Valentine Chocolate Bars teach you how to say "I Love You" in seven different languages: Spanish, French, German, Italian, Latin, Japanese and Russian.

They come in three varieties, Caramel, Crispy, and Peanut Butter.
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Whole Grain Fig Newtons

Whole Grain Fig Newtons
Nabisco now has a "whole grain" version of its famous Fig Newtons.

Billed as 100% whole grain, it's part of Kraft Food Holdings larger effort to cross-breed their junk food line up with healthy alternatives.

Interestingly, Jeff Copetas, who blogs at RustedRobot, compared the nutrition tables between regular Fig Newtons and Whole Grain Fig Newtons, and found there's only nominal differences.
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Irony Mints

Irony MintsHint Mints, a mint confection company known for its all natural ingredients and cool containers resembling 1920's style cigarette tins, announced the introduction of its new line of "Irony Mints".

Irony Mints, which are basically sugar-free versions of standard Hint Mints, are billed as "the original designer mint made affordable". They're available in a sleek, black, slide-to-open-tin, embossed with the Hint Mint Leaf.

Varieties include Sugar Free Peppermint and Sugar Free Chocolate Mint. The suggested retail price is $1.49-$1.99.
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Lost Energy Drinks

Lost Energy Drink Big GunLost Enterprises (popularly known as "Lost") adds new varieties to its line up of energy drinks.

Lost is mostly known as a manufacturer of surf, skateboard, and snowboard apparel as well as surfboards.

The new Lost varieties are "Five-O", "Perfect 10" and "Big Gun" (pictured). Lost beverages are made with a blend of vitamins, herbs and amino acids for a powerful boost and a crisp flavor. Lost Five-O is made with 50% real juice to mask the "energy taste" found in many such beverages. Perfect 10 is a diet version of its signature energy drink "Lost Energy Drink". Big Gun is simply a 24 oz. version of the company's signature energy drink.
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Chocolate Brains with Cherries

Chocolate Brains with CherriesA great party gag appetizer are these miniature chocolate brains filled with cherries.

How cool is it that when you bite into a brain, your mouth fills up with red goo?

Each box comes with twelve chocolate brains, and is handsomely presented in a gift box.

$18.00 from BlueLips.com
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