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30 December, 2005

Yoplait Whips!

Chocolate Cherry and Chocolate Raspberry Mousse sound great...and they are the newest flavors available from Yoplait Whips! Chocolate Mousse Style Yogurt. This variety of Yoplait yogurt allows you to truly enjoy a tasty dessert without feeling guilty!

Yogurt has come a long way from the flavors we ate (or were forced to eat) as a kid!!!


Kat on 12/31/2005 12:53:00 AM said...

There's also White Chocolate Strawberry, but it's the regular Yoplait yogurt, not Whips.

Anonymous said...

I really like the Chocolate Mousse Yoplait Whips. My kids really enjoyed it and thought it was like ice cream. The one container I bought was gone in about 2 minutes flat! I am definitely going to buy more!

Anonymous said...

Yoplait Original, Whips, Gogurt and Trix all have too much sugar. Even the light has quite a bit of sugar plus it contaiins Phenlalanine. I would not eat it or give it to my kids. I am surprised many people think this stuff is some sort of health food.

Anonymous said...

I found most of the flavors to be disgusting, and I only rarely buy the lime one. They're very high in sugar and should only be served in a dessert context. They should not be part of a daily diet.

mallory said...

people get over it! so what if they are high in sugar!! stop sitting on your asses and go work it off!! calories, fat content, and sugar amounts are irrelative if you do what, or more, of thee daily recommend exercise level prescribed by your doctor.

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