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08 December, 2005

Wrigley Announces New Candies for 2006

WrigleyTo ring in the New Year, the Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company is launching eight new confectionery products to hit store shelves in January 2006.

The following is text taken from Wrigley's press release...

  • New Doublemint Twins Mints - the first innovative extension from the popular 90+ year old Doublemint brand. Available in single serve sizes, Doublemint Twins Mints come in two flavors: Wintercreme and Mintcreme. Both flavors are a blend of mild mint flavors with a creme.

  • Extra "Cool Watermelon" - the latest flavor addition to Extra gum, the #1 gum in the United States for over a decade. Extra "Cool Watermelon" provides consumers a unique, long lasting twist to the traditional watermelon flavor.

  • Eclipse "Cinnamon Inferno" and "Midnight Cool" gums - two new items from Eclipse that deliver powerful fresh breath through intense, unique flavors.

  • Orbit White "Wintermint" gum - the latest flavor of Orbit White not only whitens teeth and removes stains, but also tastes great.

  • Life Savers Gummies Wild Berry Sours - available in multi-serve bags, Berry Sours contain six "sour" gummy flavors: cherry berry, strawberry, red raspberry, black raspberry, blackberry and white grape. Life Savers Gummies Wild Berry Sours combine a kick of sour with great tasting, sweet wild berry flavors.

  • Creme Savers Tropicals Hard Candy - the latest addition to Creme Savers, which is the #1 brand in Dairy Hard Candy. Creme Savers Tropicals are available in a multi-serve bag and bring creamy, dreamy great taste in three new tropical flavors: Pina Colada & Creme, Banana & Creme and Mango & Creme.

  • Altoids Mango Sours - a new sour flavor from the leader in Hard Candy Sours. Altoids Mango Sours is a new, and curiously strong, way for adults to enjoy the fruity yet strong taste of Altoids.


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