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29 December, 2005

Twix Limited Edition White

Twix Limited Edition WhiteLabeled as "limited edition", Masterfoods USA will be making available a new white chocolate variety of Twix.


Anonymous said...

Finally, Twix for crackers.

Anonymous said...

This delicious white piece of heaven wasn't expected by me! I'm a true lover of white chocolate and was completely in awe when I saw this beautiful piece of chocolate wrapped, sitting in the box at a candy stand.

What joy this surely did bring to my tastebuds! Now, I'm having a terrible time finding it again as it did say Limited Edition!

Can anyone help me find my lost love?

Anonymous said...

White chocolate tastes the best, IMO. Ordinary chocolate has more junk added to give it a great taste, while taking out the positive factors of eating a few squares of chocolate.

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