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07 December, 2005

Trader Joe's Olde English Toffee Cake

Trader Joe's Olde English Toffee CakeTrader Joe's Olde English Toffee Cake is available in all west coast stores.

Touted in literature as "a dessert worthy of royalty," the new cake is presented in a 15 oz. box priced at $4.99. Instructions says to heat from frozen in about eight minutes. "Lush and decadent, with texture that's reminiscent of bread pudding," it is "made with the freshest ingredients available -like vanilla, dates, butter, cream, toffee and toasted walnuts."


Anonymous said...

Droooooll! SO good! Rush to your local Trader Joes and purchase!

Anonymous said...

It's now also available in the Midwest. I discovered that if you have any left over (how could that happen?!?), it's just as good cold right from the refrigerator!

Anonymous said...

so easy and SOOOOOOOOO good!One of the best Trader Joes has ever had!

Anonymous said...

Is this toffee cake made with alcohol... My wife who is 7 months pregnant had some of this cake and was on medication. Please can some one let us know through a post on this website

Anonymous said...

I can't seem to find it this year at Trader Joe's in the Bay Area. Anyone else have any luck ?

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