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28 December, 2005

Skittles Bubble Gum - Xtreme Fruit

Skittles Bubble Gum - Xtreme FruitSkittles Bubble Gum will soon be offered in a new "Xtreme Fruit" flavor variety.

While I'm not familiar with "Xtreme Fruit", it sounds Greek, or maybe Guatemalan, or one of those exotic Amazon rainforest plants.


Anonymous said...

I've tried the new xtreme fruit skittles bubble gum - - it is the best!! It has xtreme fruit flavors like watermelon, green apple, tangerine, blue raspberry, and wild cherry!! yum!!

Anonymous said...

I tried this gum because I have been deemed the snack food queen. Well this is just nasty. The flavor is overwhelming and definately not anything you'd want to have in your mouth for more than 2-5 seconds. Not chewing gum material. And thats the other thing, it doesnt have the normal consistency of gum. Since I tried it about 6 months ago I have only seen it in the clearance section.

Anonymous said...

Skittles bubble gum rocks!! It's been a fav of mine since it came out like a year ago (the one in the red box). It's like Skittles, but it's a bubble gum! I finally saw the new Xtreme Fruit flavor today that just came out and it is really great too!

Anonymous said...

i have been sick! so i went with my mom to foodland to get a dvd and so i saw this skittls bub gum & i asked t get it and i did. yum i'ts so good i'ts right here in front of me and i am eating it

Anonymous said...

Hey "snack food queen" screw you. Skittles Xtreme gum is the best thing that's ever happened to this world of ours. So stop acting out of line or else i will have to come over to your house and throw packs of skittles xtreme gum at you. Skittles xtreme gum RULES!!!

Anonymous said...

this is the best bubble gum ever. the extreme fruit.

Anonymous said...

Best ever. Skittles Bubbles Gum has been rated best SUV 5 years running with a 4 star government crash test rating.

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