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15 December, 2005

Pringles in a Bag

Pringles in a BagHere's a variety of Pringles potato crisps that comes in a bag.

It's from China.

I remember when Pringles first came out, back in the 1970's I think it was, and it attracted attention for the fact that it came in a can. The company ran a large media campaign that the can protected each "potato crisp" thus ensuring you get only whole pieces, and not broken ones.

I guess broken potato chips isn't a big deal in China.


Becca on 12/15/2005 06:41:00 AM said...

Kind of looks like they're in a plastic tray though, like a bag of cookies or something.

Anonymous said...

Yes, had them. They're in a plastic tray inside a bag --- probably just cheaper to package.

Also, Lays makes pringle-like chips in China, and they are also in a plastic tray but the tray is still put inside a tube!.

Anonymous said...

Gee, I wonder why Americans are so fucking obese.
(Sorry to all you potato chip conneisseurs)

Where do you all work? (If APPLICABLE...and no, being a moderator in this blog doesnt count)

Enjoy the "crisps" 'mates'!

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