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29 December, 2005

Kit Kat Pop Choc

Kit Kat Pop ChocNestle of Germany has come out with a new Kit Kat variety called "Pop Choc". They're just bite-size versions of the sticks.

It comes in a resealable pouch, and is priced at €1.59.


Anonymous said...

Just bought some at Wal-Mart (Germany) for 1,39€. Tastes excellent!

Posiver on 8/02/2006 09:43:00 AM said...

They have them in the U.S. as well. There they call them popables and they come in snickers, milkyway, 3 musketeers, and a few others i cant think of. I work at a theatre where we sell them.

el on 1/08/2009 02:52:00 PM said...

i think they taste a bit like bananas :S i was about to through up when i first tasted them, but i am getting used to them now.. :)

Anonymous said...

I think it are leftovers, ore something. Wafer broken during production,dipped in chocolate.

Taste the same, only less chocolate.

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