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16 December, 2005

Kabbalah Energy Drink

Kabbalah Energy DrinkAvailable in the USA, Kabbalah Energy Drink is touted in literature as "a delicious citrus fusion which contains essential vitamins and amino acids that pick you up and keep you going."

It's a brand owned by Light Force Water Source, Inc., according to the product's website. However, there is a very interesting (and lengthy) report associating this product with the controversial Kabbalah Centre.

The drink's website claims it's infused with "Kabbalah Water", a product supposedly made by the Kabbalah Centre. Kabbalah Water is water as it originally was, back when God created the world, containing healing energies.

But just in case the healing energies don't work, they threw in some caffeine, taurine, and a bunch of B-vitamins, as back-up.


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