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08 December, 2005

Bissinger's Spa Chocolates

Bissinger's Spa ChocolatesSt. Louis, MO-based Bissinger's introduces their new "Bissinger's Spa Chocolates" in a 7 Piece Collection.

The boxed set, available in the USA with a suggested retail price of $15.95, includes such pieces as Green Tea Ganache Truffle, Naturals Sunflower Crunch and Bissinger's 60. The "handcrafted chocolates (are) made with healthier ingredients, including blueberries, nuts and apricots, all dipped in dark chocolate or sugar-free milk chocolate."


Anonymous said...

These are amazing choices. Very tasty and do not leave a bitter chalking taste as some chocolates do. The company has three selections available for three weeks worth of guiltless enjoyment.

ג'קוזי on 2/03/2010 01:19:00 AM said...

HI All...
I have not heard about SPA Chocolate. I want to try this. I Love chocolate very much...

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