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30 November, 2005

Star Spangled Ice Cream

A company called Star Spangled Ice Cream is offering a new line of gourmet ice cream with flavor names supportive of America's fighting men and women. It also takes a pro-conservative stance, perhaps as a counter to the pro-liberal Ben & Jerry's.

Check out their flavor names...

  • Fightin' Marines Tough Cookies-n-Cream

  • Air Force Plane Vanilla

  • G.I. Love Chocolate

  • Navy Battlechip

  • Iraqi Road

  • Smaller GovernMint

  • Gun Nut

  • I Hate French Vanilla

  • Nutty Environmentalist
Star Spangled Ice Cream is available in Virginia Farm Fresh Supermarkets and participating 7-Eleven Stores. You can also buy it from their website.

10% of all profits are donated to veterans charities, including Oliver North's Freedom Alliance Scholarship Fund.

Via Political Dogs


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