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08 November, 2005

Sausage Is Our New Friend

Olli - Dein Freund fuer unterwegsNew from DRG-Handel GmbH, comes "Olli - Dein Freund fuer unterwegs", which translated means, "Olli, your friend on-the-go".

It's a Fleischwurst sausage sold in a ring for gimmicky presentation. The sausage contains 40 percent beef and 24.4g fat (which is about half of what competing wursts contain). Moreover, the company says the product can remain unchilled for up to 2 months.

But the reason why its our new friend on-the-go, is because it has an easy open design. Based on what I can tell from the product's website (with help from Google Translate), you break the string that connects the ends, and it opens up one of the ends. You squeeze the weenie at one end, and squirms out the other.

It's Olli! Our squeezy-squirmy sausage friend.


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