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25 November, 2005

Salami Chips

Would you eat salami like a potato chip?

Poland-based company Igloomeat-Sokolow Sp. zo.o., has a new product out called "Salami Chips".

It appears to be regular salami, cut into thin "ruffled" slices. I can't tell, however, if they're dried, or moist. It comes in two varieties, a garlic flavor, and a spicy flavor.

Anyone who can read Polish, take a look at the product's webpage, and see if you can translate it to find out if they're dried or moist. The usual translation tools don't seem to work well.


Anonymous said...

these are wicked! had them on the plane to krackow over the new year. they are moist,tasty salami crisps cut like Mcoys!

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