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07 November, 2005

Organic All Natural Junk Food

Natural by Nature Cheddar CheeseThis new cheddar cheese product caught my attention for what's described as "Sharp Organic Grass Fed Cheddar Cheese".

The label goes on to say that it contains zero carbohydrates and is "made with organic milk from grass-fed cows carefully aged to the peak of flavor."

So what is "carefully aged"? The cows, the milk, or the cheese?

But this concept of taking a food product that's normally high in salt and fat, and billing it with health food labels like "natural", "organic" and "whole", is silly to me. It's like repackaging a potato chip as "fat free", "all natural", and made from "organically grown" potatoes.

I just find this clash between the health food angel, and the junk food devil, to produce some interesting products and labels.


Anonymous said...

Although people consider "organic" to be a healthful designation, it doesn't have anything to do with the health value of a product. There can be completely organic products that are no better for your health than their non-organic counter parts.

Steph D on 12/07/2005 12:56:00 PM said...

Right--"organic" just means that a product does not contain hormones, chemical pesticides, etc. With milk products, buying organic is actually a good idea because of all the antibiotics and hormones they shoot the cows with these days.

And actually, in moderation, cheese isn't "bad" for you. It's not a junk food, an empty-calorie food--it does have nutritional value as a whole food product. It's only bad when people overeat it.

Anonymous said...

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