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02 November, 2005

Oh Boy! Oberto's New "Beef Jerky Crisps"

Beef Jerky CrispsCripsy beef jerky??

That's effectively what it is. Oh Boy! Oberto introduced a new beef jerky product called, "Beef Jerky Crisps".

The company claims it bridges the gap between beef jerky and traditional snack chips, providing a "best of both worlds" experience. It's supposed to provide us with a meat flavored chip.

But they don't say what it's made of. I don't have the product here in front of me, so I'll have to keep an eye out for it. Oh Boy! Oberto was supposed to have rolled this out nationwide in September.


Anonymous said...

I saw these at WalMart tonight, the first ingredient listed is "beef" so these are indeed fried slices of beef. I was too scared to buy them and try one.

Anonymous said...

i had these about a month ago on a hiking excursion. not the best choice. when you first open the bag, they're just what they claim to be - cripsy jerky. there are no fibers...it's all processed, but its basically the same as jerky. but tangier. and crunchier. and then crunch isn't nice. however, the 'chips' took an even worse turn when we kept them out for a few hours...they lost all of their crunchiness and became soggy flaps of processed, sweat-tinged meat. thumbs down in my book. stick with the original.

Anonymous said...

The Crisps are Oven Roasted (not fried). They are made with real beef. Very yummy in my opinion. The Smokey BBQ is by far the best.

Anonymous said...

We tried them the other day. Totally disgusting. It ends up kind of grainy in your mouth.

Anonymous said...

oh boy obertobeef jerky Crisps are by far the worst food product ever. they make chocolate soda seem good. They have a horrible taste and are way over priced. I almost puked when I tried them. Save yourselves and avoid them at all costs!!

Anonymous said...

Tried the plain and the mesquite both. These things are AWESOME! I don't know what everyone finds so objectionable, and I am a big fan of "typical" jerky. They taste great. I don't see it as much of a "chip" for dipping or anything, but for a jerky fix it is excellent.

Anonymous said...

I tried these at a friend's house earlier in the year. They were basically "daring" me because they thought they were disgusting. I'll have to admit, my first reaction was that they were definitely weird. A few weeks later I bought some for myself and I have to say that I kinda like them. The crunch (when fresh) is pretty light. The taste of the originals is pretty much like beef jerky. What I really like about them is that their nutritional content is, on face value, much better than that of traditional chips.....1.5g fat, 9g Carb, 13g Protein, 2 servings per 2.2 oz bag. Salt is still high at 610mg and Cholesterol is 30mg. Overall, I like having these around for a possibly healthier alternative to traditional chips.

Anonymous said...

I think they are great. I am addicted! I had them while on vacation in the States. I wish we could get them in Canada, or that the company would actually ship to Canada. I would order at least 2 cases, I think it is one of the most addictive foods I have found.

Anonymous said...

Nevermind how they taste. Take one look at the ingredients list and try not to puke a little.

want some jerky with none of that crap? www.greenlightjerky.com

Anonymous said...

Wow friends I love this product. Can't seem to find locally though. If you don't like meat get off your cow! People complain too damn much these days!

Anonymous said...

How much are they per bag?

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