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18 November, 2005

New Trivia Game for "Foodies"

Foodie CrazeA company called Trivia Craze LLC has a new game out called "Foodie Craze", billed as a trivia game for foodies.

What's a foodie? According to them, just anyone who likes to eat and drink. 'Spose that covers most of us.

The game cards are divided up into several subject categories, like "American Classics", "Libations", and "Extreme Cuisine" to name a few. Then it's just a matter of reading questions and selecting from multiple choice answers.

Here's a sample...
"Invented in Maine in the 1920s, this consists of two small round chocolate cakes surrounding a sweet creamy filling.

a. Moon Pie
b. Whoopie Pie
c. Boston Cream Pie
d. Snickerdoodle

Answer: b. Whoopie Pie"
Foodie Craze sells for $29.99 from its website.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for mentioning Foodie Craze. I suppose I should tell you that there are a number of 'junk food' related questions -- about Twinkies, assorted candies, etc. Junk food makes for great trivia questions. Most of them are in the "American Classics" Category, naturally! After all aren't we the country that INVENTED junk food?

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