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18 November, 2005

I Dare You

I Dare YouI Dare You is a collection of "alternative" candies daring you to indulge your tongue in the full array of flavors.

Some of these treats are hot, some are sour, and some are plain nasty. Here's a list of the assortment...

  • Harry Potter Bertie Botts

  • Stinky Feet

  • Sour Rude Dudes

  • Warheads

  • Jolly Rancher Screamin Sours

  • Wonka Shock Tarts

  • Sen Sen

  • Dragon Fire gum

  • Cry Baby gum

  • Atomic fireballs

  • Tangy tongue

  • Hotlix cinnamon toothpix

  • Red hots

  • Too tart sweet heet spray candy

  • Toxic Waste

  • Pet tarantula

  • Chocolate covered insects

  • larvets

  • Hotlix cricket lick-it

  • pop rocks

  • 2.25inch jawbreaker
$18.95 from Groovy Candies


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