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07 November, 2005

Heinz Spaghetti Bolognese

Heinz Spaghetti BologneseIt wasn't so much the thought of canned spaghetti bolognese that caused me to write this, but the fact that the can depicts the tomato-ey noodles on what looks something like melba toast.

Heinz Spaghetti Bolognese is a product of Heinz Australia. Is this how they eat spaghetti down under? Or is this what inspires them to dig into canned MREs?

I suppose product presentation is always something peculiar to look at. First of all, it's always misrepresentative of the actual product. No hamburger ever looks as good as it's depicted. But others still are out of touch of reality.

Have any of you seen the can of soup, in which the label shows a spoon holding a mound of chunky clam chowder, but the underside of the spoon is shiny and clean? How do you pick up soup with a spoon while keeping the underside totally clean?

Or what about that Nestle Dancow powdered milk that shows a kid smiling in approval? Does that really happen?


Anonymous said...

I can safely say that much like canned baked beans, canned spaghetti is a stable on toast for many in the land down-under

Anonymous said...

hell yeah we eat our spagetti on toast! That's an Australian staple diet!

Well actually... only if it's canned spagetti (or leftover spag. bog.) Heinz canned spagetti is only good for eating on toast. or in a 'Toastie Toastie'

Anonymous said...

poor spaghetti...Let me say one thing: I'm Italian and the true bolognese sauce is another thing! Eat them if you want like you want, but don't call them "bolognese", please!

Mike on 6/12/2009 08:31:00 PM said...

Australia the land of variety. Not just with our cars (Euro, Jap, American, Australian etc).

I once had canned spaghetti on toast only to make my own proper spaghetti bolognaise from scratch. Australia is a pasta loving nation as we love our sport and we need good fuel to play sport.. not just "shrimps" or sausages and chops on the barbie...

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