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22 November, 2005

Havana Roadhouse Cuban Sandwiches

Havana Roadhouse Cuban SandwichesGood Housekeeping Magazine listed Havana Roadhouse Cuban Sandwiches as a Best Appetizer and one of the Tastiest Mail-Order Dishes.

The signature mini-Cuban sandwich marketed under the "Original Havana Roadhouse Famous Cuban Sandwich" is already in 5,000+ retail stores in a frozen format and has been expanded to include larger packaging sizes as well as individual products, such as the now larger 5 oz Cuban Sandwich which will be sold in Convenience stores and a 6.75 oz Cuban sandwich which will be sold in deli sections as one of nine new products the Company recently developed.


Anonymous said...

I was very excited to see that I could order a true cuban sandwich. I am from Miami and I now live in Alabama with no cuban resturants around. I just want to order a box of sandwiches which I have not been able to ... The amazon.com does not have it listed.. The BHG links to the website to where to purchase... Let me know where I can go to order... THanks

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


cut and paste into web browser they are selling for $5.99

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