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18 November, 2005

Get a Pizza Overnighted to Your Home

I Want NY PizzaThe folks at I Want NY Pizza announced they've opened their doors to business. They will get an authentic New York pizza (actually prepared and baked in New York City), and then ship it overnight to anywhere in the world.

They don't actually make the pizzas however. They contract with several local New York style pizza shops in the New York City area to do the making and baking. It's then delivered to their facility, where they shrinkwrap it, box it, and shipped out.

All you have to do is the place the order on their website.

Once you receive the pizza, you just heat it up.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the kind words! It's going great - we're spreading the word and pizza all over the US!
Just one slight correction - each one of the pizza artists have production processes in place where they shrinkwrap, pack in Iced Gel Packs - and ship from each locale!
Folks all over the US are getting a "Slice of New York" - pun intended!
Got Pizza?

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