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19 November, 2005

G is Red White & Blue Sake

G Sake"G" is the name of a new sake from SakeOne, under its Momokawa label. It's billed as "A Great American Sake".

In fact, SakeOne is an American sake brewing company, located in Oregon, employing what the company claims is the only American sakemaster, Greg Lorenz.

SakeOne says that it's the first Genshu sake handcrafted from select lots and is specifically blended for the American palate. It is said to have layers of flavors such as fruits, spices, and sweetness with an 18 percent alcohol by volume.

The funky phrasing on the bottle says...

Men Can't Find It.
Forces Can't Make It.
Time Can Never Change It.
For being Americans, they seem to know how to speak the Engrish.

The suggested retail price is $20.00.


Anonymous said...

tried G last night. Wonderful stuff. I wasn't sture I was drinking saké. more like a nice white wine but really wonderful. Highly recommended. Get a bottle of G. Mine is gone.

Anonymous said...

G is fabulous stuff. Found this blog post as I was trying to find a way to order online. Definitely a quality cold sake.

Jon on 6/30/2009 03:04:00 PM said...

Tried this Sake once and loved it, but when I called the company to find a local merchant selling it, the names of the places they gave me either didn't exist or had never heard of the Sake G.

Very good sake, but very odd way of running a business. After calling a few times I just gave up.

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