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18 November, 2005

Flathead Lake Monster Soda

Flathead Lake Monster SodaFlathead Lake Monster Soda is a new line of sodas from North American Beverage Co. Today's report from ProductScan says that the new soda is described as "handcrafted gourmet soda".

Flavors include Black Rasperry, Wild White Grape, Granny-Apple, Huckleberry, and Sour Cherry.


Anonymous said...

Our family loves the huckleberry cream soda and keeps searching for sources beyond summer time in
Glacier Park. We also thank our cat and turtle sitter with a six pack.

Anonymous said...

i love the huckleberry flavor too. i bought tons of it when i went to yellowstone....but of course, livin in ohio, i dont get anymore *cries*. i have yet to find a way to get it here.

Anonymous said...

Big Lots recently started selling it. You might want to check them soon though, cause Big Lots is often a "here today, gone tomorrow" kind of store.

Anonymous said...

There are two locations to get Flathead Soda in Cincinnati. Jungle Jims in Fairfield and the Country Market in Carthage

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