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29 November, 2005

Butterfinger Stixx

Butterfinger StixxNestle USA will soon be distributing a new candy bar called Butterfinger Stixx.

Billed as a Butterfinger candy bar rolled up into a stick, the new Stixx variety are light and crispy wafers filled with Butterfinger creme and covered in milk chocolate with Butterfinger pieces.

There are two varieties, a regular chocolate, and a dark chocolate. Each Butterfinger Stixx contains 90 calories, and is targeted at weight-conscious women.

Candy Industry has some more info.


Anonymous said...

I think butterfinger ripped off chic-o-stik!!!!

Anonymous said...

Butterfinger Stixx are...well, they're just so...my GOD they're simply DELICIOUS.

blue on 10/27/2007 05:33:00 AM said...

Chick O Sticks are a ground peanut and sugar honeycomb/sponge stick, coated with coconut. Butterfinger Stixx have a creamy Butterfinger filling in a pirouline crisp wafer, coated in chocolate and butterfinger pieces. If that's "ripping off," then every candy bar is a "rip off" of every other. I don't see how one is very like the other at all.

But I do agree, the Butterfinger Stixx are pretty good! I don't like coconut in candies, so I can't say the same for Chick O Sticks, but clearly lots of people like them.

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