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19 November, 2005

Alcoholic Kit Kats

Kit Kat WineKit Kats have become so popular in Japan, that Nestle asked top Japanese patissier, Yasumato Takagi, to create two special flavors of Kit-Kat for adult tastes, under its new Kit Kat Chocolatier line.

The Kit Kat Wine contains 0.12% alcohol by volume, and is based on a powdered version of French red wine inside the cream filling, giving the white chocolate a light purplish tone. It has a distict wine aftertaste.

The other variety is Kit Kat Noir, which has a rich and strong aroma of cocoa mass. Roast cocoa beans are used to produce a bitter flavor and scent. The wafers are filled with an almond and hazelnut cream.

You can actually order these online from J-List (NSFW)


Peter in Japan on 12/07/2005 05:45:00 AM said...

Yes, these are a fun item. You can really taste the taste of the wine, too. By the way, have you ever considered our Friends of J-List program which is our (I really hate to use this word) affiliate program?

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