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14 October, 2005

The Perfect Gift For Cake Lovers

Got a cake lover in your life? The Miss Grace Lemon Cake Co. offers a unique gift idea ~ a cake plan! The Miss Grace cake plan offers your loved one (or yourself) a different gourmet cake delivered fresh to your door during the second week of each month.

January ~ Orange Cake
February ~ Chocolate Chip Cake
March ~ Lemon Cake
April ~ Chocolate Chip Lemon Cake
May ~ Fudge and Walnut Cake
June ~ Carrot Cake
July ~ Lime Cake
August ~ Marble Cake
September ~ Banana Chocolate Cake
October ~ Truffle Cake
November ~ Amaretto Cake
December ~ Lemon Cake

The 12 month plan is available for $299.95 plus shipping (which ranges from $99 to $270 depending on how quickly you'd like to receive your cakes each month). Orange County and Los Angeles County California residents can get delivery for substantially less since they are within the local delivery area for the bakery.


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