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18 October, 2005

New Zealand McDonald's

Massive McMuffin
Bacon, Egg, & Cheese Bagel
The Boss Burger
Tandoori Chicken Sandwich
McDonald's of New Zealand offers some unique menu choices that we don't seem to get here in the States.

The Massive McMuffin appears to be similar to the Sausage Egg McMuffin, except they throw in two sausage patties. I guess it's because those Newzies are so manly they need a double-shot of pork to start their day.

The Bacon, Egg & Cheese Bagel looks pretty damn good. Why can't we get this here??

The Boss looks something similar to the old McFeast burger that McDonald's was selling in the USA back in the late 1970s. Anyone remember the McFeast? The McFeast was basically their massive sized burger, and it had the same crease down the middle of the bun as this burger. The McFeast sold in the USA for only a year or two, and then McD's killed it. I understand they're now selling another McFeast burger in other countries, though they don't look anything like the old USA version.

Tandoori Chicken Sandwich - Now I would definitely buy this if they made them here. McDonald's describes this as "tandoori marinated chicken breast slices in a toasted roll with lettuce, slices of tomato and cool cucumber with a mint and yoghurt flavoured dressing".

The KiwiBurger - Unfortunately, McDonald's of New Zealand doesn't have this on their webiste menu. But it did exist at one time, or perhaps still exists. It was just a quarter-pounder, topped with egg, and slices of "beetroot", some kind of red beet vegetable. Fast Food Fever has all the details on this burger wonder.


Anonymous said...

I actually have had the Bacon, Egg & Cheese Bagel here in the U.S. I'm pretty sure it was in New York somewhere. It's not bad, but pales in comparison to the Bacon, Egg & Cheese McBiscuit, in my opinion.

As for the tandoori one, if you really want a shock, you should check out McDonald's menu in India. Some of my favorites there are the pizza pouch, the Paneer Wrap, and the McAloo Tikki (a pea and potato patty topped with tomato sauce).

Anonymous said...

I know here in KS we have the Bacon, Egg & Cheese Bagel - and they're awesome!

Anonymous said...

We have the Tandoori Chicken in Australia, too. Its part of the 'low fat' range of rolls that they are offering as alternatives to the regular burgers. Others include a bacon/swiss cheese/barbeque sauce roll, thai chicken/cucumber/tomato/roll, caesar chicken roll, and others.

Anonymous said...

bonjour et bien !!! tu aime la nourriture toi !! sa me d├ęgoute de voir sa ! ahhhh !! loool !il y a quand meme de bon tit plat a se faire !!bisous et bonne bouffe !!une francaise qui visite !!

Anonymous said...

I live in Sydney Australia and I remember the MCFEAST as it was favourite burger but it was replaced with a not so nice burger called the MCOZ which Iv tried 2 times and dont like it.The mcfeast was taken off the menu in replace of mcoz burger in the early 90's.

the only places left in the world to get this burger is Finland, Sweden, Portugal, Denmark and the Netherlands.

I sent an email to Mcdonalds australia telling them to return the Original Mcfeast to the menu but was told they have no plans on doing so. :(

Anonymous said...

I found egg on the kiwi burger to be quite good but beat root, uggg. At the fish and chip shops the kiwi burger also comes with pineapple which I wasn't too thrilled about. The breakfast at mcdonalds in NZ was definately better than here in the states. I couldn't seem to get across the concept of a bacon egg and cheese "biscuit" to kiwis though lol.

Anonymous said...

I live in NZ, the Boss burger is the best thing. I always get it. Massive McMuffin is awesome as well. There must be something crazy and huge in American mcdonalds right?..

aparna said...

i love the tandoori wrap. reminds me of chicken burgers back home.

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