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25 October, 2005

New Energy Drink from Sprite

Sprite 3GSprite 3G is the newest energy drink from Cola-Cola UK. It's based on caffeine from green coffee beans, glucose, and guarana, making up the three G's in the name.

The newest Sprite soda follows the successful launch of Sprite Z last spring. Sprite fans have apparently been asking for an energy drink that retains the lemon-lime flavor of Sprite.

Sprite 3G comes in a 250ml can, and is supposed to be rolling out into UK markets sometime this month (pretty soon).

Food Manufacture Via IRN Talking Shop


JD said...

In the uk you can get a free can of sprite 3G if you visit the SKY Active AZ on Sky digital TV, and a free video ringtone if you text 'sprite' to 86100.

Anonymous said...

cool thanks for that, i got mine coming in the post now.

Anonymous said...

If they Have it in the UK they should have it in the U.S.

Anonymous said...

hells yeah i love sprite so this should be amazing and cant wait to try it so i shall just sit here in the us and wait for it to come out

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