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10 October, 2005

Mint & Peanut Butter Fudge Drumsticks

Nestle's DrumsticksDreyer's Grand Ice Cream added two new flavors to its brand of Nestle's Drumsticks, Mint and Peanut Butter Fudge.

This brings the total number of Drumstick flavors to 13 in all. It's part of Dreyer's way to celebrate 75 years of Nestle's Drumsticks.

So, which flavor which will you choose? According to Dr. Alan Hirsch of the Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago, flavor choices can reveal some interesting personality traits...

Those who reach for the Mint Drumstick cone are loyal and dependable, devoted and true friends or spouses. Their generous and self-sacrificing nature makes them vulnerable and easily taken advantage of by people around them, including those with whom they are romantically involved. They are followers, rather than leaders, and would rather be in the background while letting others take credit for their hard work.

Peanut Butter Fudge Drumstick cone lovers are driven, success-oriented, natural leaders. They enjoy the triumphs and rewards of their success and are ruthless and unforgiving competitors. They surround themselves with only the best, both in material possessions and people, whether it is chefs, doctors, and even friends. Driven and aggressive in nature, they can overwhelm those with whom they are closest. Impatient, they frustrate easily when forced to be involved with the minor inconveniences of life, whether it's waiting in a supermarket checkout line, for a waiter or waitress in a restaurant, or even for the elevator doors to open.
It's a good thing there are so many Drumstick flavors to satisfy to such a diverse population!

The new flavors are currently available nationwide in supermarkets and convenience stores, at $3.99 for a box of four.


Alice H on 10/13/2005 10:34:00 PM said...

What about the fact that mint and peanuts just taste gross together? How does that factor into their personality analysis?

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