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14 October, 2005

Luau-Style Hawaiian Food at Home

Ever wish that you could experience the great-tasting traditional Hawaiian food served at the luau in your own home? Now there's a way! 1st Luau offers your favorites such as Portuguese Sausage, Kalua Chicken/Pork/Turkey, and Poi shipped directly from Oahu to your kitchen table.

The items are cooked in an Oahu cooking facility and then frozen so that it can be safely shipped anywhere in the U.S. Most items have a fair shelf-life when refridgerated or frozen so you can order them in advance for your next luau or other gathering.

The prices are reasonable as well:
Kalua Chicken/Pork/Turkey ~ 12oz. = $6.99 or 5lb = $34.99
Portuguese Sausage ~ 10oz. = $3.29
Poi ~ 1lb = $6.99

For these and other traditional Hawaiian foods, visit


Bonnie Browne on 10/21/2010 06:39:00 AM said...

Thank you for this ideas. The prices look reasonable and to know you are eating something direct from Hawaii at your luau would make it even more special.

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