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08 October, 2005

Jones Candy Corn Flavored Soda

Jones Soda Co., which is quickly becoming the "Jelly Belly of Sodas", with its never-ending line of cool and unusual soda flavors, has introduced four new flavors for Halloween: Candy Corn Soda, Pumpkin Soda, Strawberry Slime, and Scary Berry Lemonade.

The guys at I-Mockery did a great job publishing their taste tests of the new carbonated concoctions. Here's what J-Dawg had to say about the Candy Corn Soda...
I gotta say at first I wasn't too sure about this flavor. It tasted kind of like the corns on my feet, but then when I was thinkin' about it I realized that the corns on my feet taste pretty uber-fantastic! The way those bodacious soda suds slamdanced on my tongue made me feel like a horny rebel biker suicide pirate and that really takes me back to the glory days!

Jones' new Halloween flavors are found exclusively at Target Stores nationwide.


Anonymous said...

I may have to take a trip to target, sounds like some fun soda.

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