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26 October, 2005

Gira & Gratta Rotary Cheese Grinder

Gira & Gratta Rotary Cheese GraterFrom Italy comes a new design in cheese-grater fun, the Gira & Gratta Rotary Cheese Grinder.

Inside the bottle is a fresh block of Grana Padano cheese, with a twist-style cheese grater cap. It allows pasta lovers to enjoy a convenient way of dispensing freshly grated Grana Padano cheese in a hygienic and stay-fresh format.

Agriform Scarl, the product's marketer, says in its product literature, "litle consumers like its easy and funny use." Great, but what about us big consumers?

Each container comes with 250g of cheese, and retails for €4.50 ($5.45 USD)


Anonymous said...

Steve, Where can I buy/order the Grana Padana cheese in a grater?

Anonymous said...

I bought my Gira & Gratta "grana padano" rotary cheeze grater in Toronto (like up north). You might also fin them in Windsor, Ontario, CA.

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