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27 October, 2005

Folgers New Chocolate Silk

Folgers Chocolate SilkProctor and Gamble released two new flavors under its Folgers Flavors line, "Chocolate Silk" and "Cinnamon Swirl".

They come packaged in 11.5 oz. plastic canisters. Look for $1.00-off coupons in your Sunday paper.


Anonymous said...

spent $5.00 on Folgers Chocolate Silk after a friend said it was great, I found it tasts like a nasty chemical brew. I am shocked it passed consumer pre-market tests.

Anonymous said...

Spent $2.99 on Folgers Chocolate Silk for our Real Estate office last week. Ooohh La-la. The aroma of the coffee brewing made the whole suite of offices smell so yummy. The coffee got rave reviews from agents and clients alike.

Anonymous said...

my whole family has given chocolate silk rave reviews...the only problem is that it is VERY hard to find in stores!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I love the way this coffee smells when it's brewing. I enjoy it very much but it's hard to find. Sometimes I can find it at Walgreens, of all places!

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