31 October, 2005

Sweet Fields Crystallized Flowers

Sweet Fields now has their famous crystallized flowers available for you to enjoy at home. Whether you're garnishing a special dish or creating a beautiful dessert, you can use Sweet Field's flowers to make it look like it came from the kitchen of The Ritz Carlton.

The flowers are grown in California and are completely edible! They are then dipped into a secret meringue recipe and crystallized with a sugar coating that preserves them.

The Sweet Fields flowers are available in Pansies, Giant Pansies, Violas, Snap Dragons, Mini Roses, Rose Pedals or Assortment Trays and prices vary. Visit www.sweetfields.com for more information or to purchase.
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Tabasco Worcestershire Sauce

People have been combining the flavorful tastes of Tabasco and Worcestershire sauces for years. From Sloppy Joe's to Cocktails (or hangover cures) this duo has been coupled up. Tabasco is now bringing them together in one bottle!

Tabasco Worcestershire Sauce is available in a 5 oz. bottle for $2.00 at the Tabasco Country Store. Not sure when this will hit the isles of your local grocery store, but if you love to combine these two great flavors, it's worth ordering up a few bottles.
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Peach Pomegranate Jam

Stonewall Kitchen introduces Peach Pomegranate Jam which is made with fresh, slightly tart pomegranate and sweet ripe peaches. This jam is great for breakfast items or can be warmed and used as a dessert topping.

A 13oz. jar is $7.50 or you can purchase 3 or more for $6.75 each. This jam has an unopened shelf life of 2 years, so you can stock up without worries!
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30 October, 2005

Mrs. Fields Cookies & Cream Chiller

Love to eat your cookies with milk? It's even more fun to drink your cookies and milk! Mrs. Fields is now offering a Cookies & Cream Chiller which takes your favorite cookies and blends them into a cool drink! You get to choose which type of cookie you want and it is made just for you.

You can download a coupon to save $1.00 when you try any new Cookies & Cream Chiller at a Mrs. Fields near you. On the website you can also play games and send emails to your friends.
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Austrian Pumpkin Seed Cheese

If you're looking for an interesting new gourmet appetizer to serve this fall, Austrian Pumpkin Seed Cheese just may catch your eye. Made by Die Kaesmacher who is well known in Lower Austria for its wide selection of cheeses using traditional recipes, this cheese is one of their more unique offerings.

This cheese is made with Semi-hard cow's milk and chopped pumpkin seeds that give this crumbly cheese an intriguing texture. The tangy flavor lends itself well to its smooth, almost buttery finish.

You can find this unique cheese online for $9.99 for an 8oz package.
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Godiva Platinum Collection

Didn't think that anything could be better than the Godiva Gold Collection? Then you'll have to try the new Platinum Collection. This collection of 15 varieties of gourmet chocolates offer new sophisticated tastes that make a perfect gift for the holidays or a treat for yourself.

Each piece in the Platinum Collection is named:
Lamousse, Bellaria, Mokalata, Iconique, Coeur, Mielodie, Pramadine, Razabelle, Caramella, Orangelide, Limetta, Cherie, V.S. Comtesse, Gingevere, & Nocturne.

Godiva's Platinum Collection is available in a variety of sizes (and price ranges) on their website and in Godiva Boutiques in malls around the country.
4 piece = $8; 8 piece = $15; 16 piece = $25; 30 piece = $44; 60 piece = $80
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29 October, 2005

Mint Buttercream Brownies

The taste of those little Andes mints atop a delicious fudge brownie...this could be heaven!

Cheryl & Co, makers of fresh baked cookies, desserts & gifts, is offering a 4 lb tray of Mint Buttercream Brownies just in time for the holidays. The signature fudge brownie tray is layered with mint buttercream frosting and sprinkled with real Andes® Creme de Menthe Chips.

The tray will cost about $29.95, but it's well worth it to try this combination of Andes® Creme de Menthe candy and Cheryl & Co's fudge brownies!
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North Country Cheddar Popcorn

If Oprah says that the new North Country Cheddar Popcorn is "One of my favorite things." than it is worth checking out! The Dale and Thomas Popcorn site describes this new creation as the "tangy taste of authentic ceddar cheese from America's dairyland, sprinkled generously over our fresh-popped corn."

The North Country Cheddar Popcorn is available in many of the sampler packages that Dale and Thomas offer as well as in gift tins:
2 gallon gift tin = $30
3.5 gallon gift tin=$40
6.5 gallon gift tin=$60
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Citrus Infused, Jumbo Lump Crabcakes

Feed your guests like they are Hollywood Stars! The new Baby J Collection from AppetizersToGo.com includes a wide variety of gourmet appetizers created by Chef to the Stars, Ellyn Schoen.

The amazing Citrus Infused, Jumbo Lump Crabcakes are made with lump crabmeat, whole eggs, orange zest and other seasonings (including a secret ingredient). Each package contains 40 pieces which will serve 6 guests. They won't take long to prepare either!

You can get The Citrus Infused, Jumbo Lump Crabcakes from AppetizersToGo.com for $69.95 (inlcudes free shipping).
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Gummy Pizza - Tastes Like Pizza

Gummi PizzaFrom Polish candy manufacturer, Deniz sp z.o.o., comes Gummi Pizza, sold under the company's Kervan brand.

The product's webpage actually says, "Gelatine tast like pizza".

Which is kinda funny, because in college, I clearly remember eating quite a few chewy pizzas. Now, they've got chewy candy that tastes like pizza.
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Smoked Salmon Potato Chips

Tyrrells Smoked Salmon Potato ChipsTyrrells has added a new flavor to its Potato Chips line, "Smoked Salmon, Horseradish and Capers". Made exclusively using potatoes from it's own farm in Herefordshire, this new flavor will be available in 50g and 150g packets.
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27 October, 2005

Nestle Halloween Shapes

Nestle Halloween Cookie ShapesThe Nestle Toll House Refrigerated Cookie Dough line now includes "Halloween Cookie Shapes", featuring a Halloween Sugar Cookie variety. The package holds 24 pre-cut cookies in the shapes of a Bat, a Ghost, a Witch's Hat and a Jack-O-Lantern, as well as 2 Icing packets for decorating.

"Just place, bake and decorate!" says Nestle.
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Folgers New Chocolate Silk

Folgers Chocolate SilkProctor and Gamble released two new flavors under its Folgers Flavors line, "Chocolate Silk" and "Cinnamon Swirl".

They come packaged in 11.5 oz. plastic canisters. Look for $1.00-off coupons in your Sunday paper.
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26 October, 2005

Gira & Gratta Rotary Cheese Grinder

Gira & Gratta Rotary Cheese GraterFrom Italy comes a new design in cheese-grater fun, the Gira & Gratta Rotary Cheese Grinder.

Inside the bottle is a fresh block of Grana Padano cheese, with a twist-style cheese grater cap. It allows pasta lovers to enjoy a convenient way of dispensing freshly grated Grana Padano cheese in a hygienic and stay-fresh format.

Agriform Scarl, the product's marketer, says in its product literature, "litle consumers like its easy and funny use." Great, but what about us big consumers?

Each container comes with 250g of cheese, and retails for €4.50 ($5.45 USD)
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Wine in an Aluminum Can

Iron WineIron Wine claims itself to be the first ever wine packaged in an aluminum can.

The product of Gargantas de Lata S.R.L., an Argentinian company, says the inside of the can is lined with an "exclusive lining" that ensures the wine never comes into contact with the aluminum, hence preserving its natural flavor and aroma.

Iron Wine is available in both Malbec Cabernet Sauvignon blend and Chenin Blanc varieties. It has a recommended retail price of 5.85 ARP, or $1.95 USD, and can be purchased from its website.
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Caramel Apple Streusel Muffins

Pillsbury Ultimate Muffin MixPillsbury recently launched some new quick-bake muffins, including a "Caramel Apple Streusel" muffin.

Perhaps someone can correct me, but I don't think any other bakery goods maker has ever offered such a muffin of this variety.

Other flavors include Blueberry Streusel and Chocolate Fudge Chocolate Chip. The muffins take only 6 minutes to bake, and they have fillings inside.

You can find them online at Wal-Mart.
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25 October, 2005

Chipotle Fire Stix

Dakota Brand Chipotle Fire StixDakota Beef Sticks is said to be coming out with a new product called the "Chipotle Fire Stix".

It's a very hot and spicy beef stick made with chipotle and habanero peppers, and according to Skylark Meats, the company that owns the Dakota brand, "they really have a kick to them".

It's not known when this product will roll out, but they come in a 3oz package containing three sticks.

Via NACS Online
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New Energy Drink from Sprite

Sprite 3GSprite 3G is the newest energy drink from Cola-Cola UK. It's based on caffeine from green coffee beans, glucose, and guarana, making up the three G's in the name.

The newest Sprite soda follows the successful launch of Sprite Z last spring. Sprite fans have apparently been asking for an energy drink that retains the lemon-lime flavor of Sprite.

Sprite 3G comes in a 250ml can, and is supposed to be rolling out into UK markets sometime this month (pretty soon).

Food Manufacture Via IRN Talking Shop
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Security Feel Better

Security Feel BetterFrom France comes this new beverage called "Security Feel Better", billed as a "digestive drink", designed to counter the effects of alcohol.

It's described as an alcohol-free, after-dinner drink made with plant extracts, designed to help you digest food and other drinks.

But it's mainly targeted towards breaking down any alcohol you may have consumed, before it causes you to become inebriated. Hence the name "Security Feel Better".

The new security beverage has a distinctive pear flavor, and comes in a 30ml bottle, small enough to carry in a coat pocket, handbag, or glove compartment. The manufacturer, PPN SA, says that after drinking a full 30ml bottle, consumers can expect to feel results within 45 minutes. The product website says it's made of all natural ingredients, with artichoke as a primary substance, and is completely harmless.
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Colts Touchdown Sundae

Colts Touchdown SundaeIndianapolis Colts fans might want to take notice of a new limited edition flavor from Edy's Grand Ice Cream, Colts Touchdown Sundae.

Dreyer's Grand Ice Cream, Inc., which owns the Edy's brand, is targeting the new flavor to fathers and sons who are Colts fans. Presented in a resealable tub, the packaging includes a photo of Colts Head Coach Tony Dungy and his family, as well as "10 Ways to Be an All-Pro Dad."

Edy's Grand Ice Cream is said to be donating a portion of the proceeds to All-Pro Dad, a program that focuses on helping dads become better fathers.

No word yet on when and where this new flavor will be available.
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Mini Filipinos

Mini FilipinosUnited Biscuits, a UK company that makes several brands of junk food, has a new product out called "Mini Filipinos", a mini version of their Filipinos, available only in Spain and Portugal.

Filipinos is a donut-shaped, chocolate-covered biscuit that comes in four chocolate flavors, White, Dark, Milk, and Caramel. The new Mini Filipinos are offered in two flavors, white and dark.

The company says they're best consumed after they have been chilled in the refrigerator for 1 hour. The package text says that once you've started eating a Mini Filipino, you can't stop. I imagine Michael Jackson would concur. Ooops! Sorry.

But what a great name, "Mini Filipinos", the racist biscuit.
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Spiced Fig Chocolate Topping

If you fig lovers didn't get enough of that Figamajig, try out the new Spiced Fig Chocolate from The Girl & The Fig.

It's said to be the perfect topping to fall and holiday desserts with the homey warm spiciness of cinnamon, ginger, clove, nutmeg and allspice. The Spiced Fig Chocolate "takes the palette to deep, dark depths with its creamy cocoa base, spiked by the fruitiness of dried black mission figs mixed throughout the sauce,"

There's also a new Spiced Fig Caramel, described as "a buttery, rich concoction mixed with spices and bits of dried black mission figs."

Each topping sells for $8.95 at The Girl & The Fig.
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Giori Oro Colato Gel di Grappa

Giori Oro ColatoA new Gel di Grappa line has recently been launched in Italy, Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Denmark under the Giori Oro Colato brand name.

The new Grappa Jelly, from Giori Distallati Trentini, is presented in 115g glass jars and is said to be great on ice cream or elegant confections. Offered in Moscato (muscat), Mela Verda (green apple), Mirtillo (bilberry), and Pera Williams (Williams pear) varieties, the jelly features four percent alcohol by volume.

If you happen to be travelling to one of these countries, keep an eye out for it.
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24 October, 2005

Figamajigs ~ Chocolate Fig Bars

Want a healthy snack loaded with fiber, minerals and nutrients - most of us would rather have a candy bar! With Figamajigs, you won't even realize you're eating healthy when you bite into the dark chocolate covered figs and almonds. Figamajigs look like a candy bar or energy bar covered with delicious dark chocolate, yet contain protein, only 4 grams of fat and no high fructose corn syrup.

They cost under $2.00, but are a little hard to find - visit figamajig.com to locate a retail location.

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Chocolate Marshmallow Popcorn Seasoning

Never eat plain popcorn again! Don't you love the flavored popcorn that come in the holiday tins? Now you can make your own at home with Kernel Season's Popcorn Seasoning. The Chocolate Marshmallow seasoning will come in handy for a great holiday treat. In addition to using the seasoning on popcorn, it also works well in coffee, Rice Crispy Treats, milk, ice cream and other dessert and snack foods.

If you're looking for a flavor with a little more kick, Kernel Season's also offers flavors such as Jalapeno and Cajun.

All of the seasonings are sold in 3 oz containers for $3.99, but if you purchase 3 you will get your 4th free! Kernel Season's Popcorn Seasoning is available on nomorenakedpopcorn.com.
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19 October, 2005

New Salad Dressing from "The Apprentice"

Wishbone Rosemary Lime VinaigretteWishbone is now selling a limited edition of salad dressing featured on tonight's episode of "The Apprentice".

The flavor, Rosemary Lime Vinaigrette, was the winning flavor in a sales competition between two teams, Matchstick and Primarius. Matchstick was selling the Rosemary Lime Vinaigrette, while Primarius was selling Asian Vinegrette. As promised, Wishbone offered to sell the winning flavor on store shelves.

But wait, there's a second flavor that Wishbone is also making available, Cranberry Walnut Vinaigrette.

Wishbone has also offered up four other flavor ideas, but wants the public to vote which one should be turned into an actual product. Cast your vote here.
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Jones Soda Launches New Candy

Jones Soda Flavor BoostersJones Soda Co. today announced its new line of candy, "Jones Soda Flavor Boosters".

What makes this unique is that folks can drop a candy into a bottle of water, and drink it like regular Jones Soda. Or, drop it into a bottle of Jones Soda, and pucker up!

Billed as "carbonated candy", the new confection comes in three flavors: Green Apple, Fufu Berry, and Berry Lemonade.

Jones Soda Flavor Boosters will be available in select alternative, convenience and grocery locations across the country in early 2006.
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Mountain Dew's new MDX Soda

Mountain Dew MDXMountain Dew is coming out with a new energy soda called Mountain Dew MDX.

The Pepsi brand says it has same taste of plain Mountain Dew, but is fueled by a "power pack" of ingredients including Ginseng, Guarana, Taurine, and D-Ribose.

It also has more caffeine. The new Dew contains 47mg for regular MDX, and 50mg for diet. That's compared to 36mg for all other Dew flavors.

MDX also debuts a new type of bottle for Mountain Dew called the "PET bottle". It's a 14oz, easy-to-grip bottle that highlights the neon green color of Mountain Dew.

Mountain Dew MDX rolls out nationwide on November 1.
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Holiday Cookie Stamps

Holiday Cookie StampsThe U.S. Postal Service announced today that they will be unveiling a new set of postage stamps that feature "holiday cookies".

"Holiday cookies" is the politically correct way of saying "Christmas cookies".

And no, you can't lick the backs of these stamps to taste the cookies. They're the self-adhesive type.

The Holiday Cookies stamps go on sale October 20 in New York City and Minneapolis Post Offices, and will be available nationwide October 21.
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Russell Stover Private Reserve

Russell Stover Private ReserveYou didn't know Russell Stover had a private reserve did you?

Apparently he does. And now that the doors to his secret stash of extra fine chocolates have been swung open for public consumption, it looks like ol' Russ will have to escape to his Double Secret Private Reserve.

The new collection released this Fall is described as "a new line of sophisticated box chocolates featuring decadent centers and proprietary blends of milk chocolate and 70% cacao dark chocolate and silky white chocolate pieces."

Private Reserve's premium packaging was designed to rival even the most expensive boutique brands, with five SKUs ranging from $.99 for a one-ounce package, to $9.99 for a 12-ounce box.

You can buy it online direct from Russ' website.
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New - Starbucks Cream Liqueur

Starbuck's Cream LiqueurNew from Starbucks is "Starbucks Cream Liqueur", containing spirits from Jim Beam.

Described as "an artful blend of delicious cream, premium spirits and a hint of Starbucks", the new offering comes after the success of Starbucks Coffee Liqueur last February.

According to Thomas J. Flocco, President & CEO of Jim Beam, the cream liqueur market, currently dominated by the Irish, is three times the size of the coffee liqueur market. Considering the marketing and brand power of Starbucks, it'll give folks in Europe another reason to hate 'em.

Starbucks Cream Liqueur will not be sold in Starbuck locations however. It will be available at restaurants, bars and retail outlets where premium distilled spirits are sold.

$22.99 for a 750ml bottle.
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Manner Apricot Cream Filled Wafers

Manner Apricot Cream Filled WafersThe newest offering from Manner AG, the famous Austrian wafer company, are Apricot Cream Filled Wafers.

Comes packed in a resealable 7oz bag, priced between $2.99 and $3.49.

No word yet on where you can buy these, though you might want to give Ernie's Deli a try.

Via Candy USA!
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Pickled Lemons

Pickled LemonsFrom Egypt comes this jar of pickled lemons, manufactured by a company named HiTadi.

It's ingredients list: Lemon, safflower, black seed, salt, lemon juice.

As if lemons weren't sour enough.

$4.99 from Parthenon Foods, if you want to give it a go.
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Chinese Health Beer

Chinese BreweryNews out of China says that a company called Qingdao Qingte Beer has developed a beer that provides unprecedented health benefits.

Marketed under the "Shanzhen" brand name, the brewery's microbiologists claim that this beer can improve the appetite, extend life, prevent cancer and boost the immune system. The beer is said to have taken two years to develop.

Via Danbrew
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18 October, 2005

Tanzania Kilimanjaro Coffee

Move over Starbucks! Peet's Coffee & Tea is participating in the Tanzania Initiative which is aimed at revitalizing the Tanzanian coffee industry. What's in it for you? A one-of-a-kind coffee brewed from beans grown in the shadows of the famous Mt. Kilimanjaro in Africa. The Tanzania Kilimanjaro is the freshest, highest quality coffee available from this region and will stimulate your tastebuds with it's smooth taste.

The Tanzanian Kilimanjaro is defeintely worth trying and is only available from Peet's for a limited time. A 1 pound bag can be purchased for $12.95 from Peets Coffee & Tea retail stores or online.
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Fairytale Magic Morsels

What does it take to be "The Greatest Brownies In All of Fairyland"? 1.5" Belgian chocolate brownie squares! The Fairytale Magic Morsels are individually wrapped (so they won't go bad) , but you'll have a hard time just eating one. Whether you are the occasional brownie eater, or a committed chocoholic, Fairytale Brownies has something to make your mouth water.

The Fairytale Magic Morsels are available online for $26.00 for a 1.2 lb package. Other flavors and sizes are also avaialble on brownies.com.
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Halloween Peanut Melties

Looking for a yummy trick-or-treat surprise? Try The Swiss Colony's Halloween Peanut Melties. Each little ghost and jack-o-lantern is hand decorated with creamy peanut butter covered in Swiss creme. They look like little Peeps, but melt in your mouth!

The Halloween Peanut Melties come a dozen in a box for $19.95 and can be ordered online just in time for Halloween. Visit The Swiss Colony to get yours today.
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New Zealand McDonald's

Massive McMuffin
Bacon, Egg, & Cheese Bagel
The Boss Burger
Tandoori Chicken Sandwich
McDonald's of New Zealand offers some unique menu choices that we don't seem to get here in the States.

The Massive McMuffin appears to be similar to the Sausage Egg McMuffin, except they throw in two sausage patties. I guess it's because those Newzies are so manly they need a double-shot of pork to start their day.

The Bacon, Egg & Cheese Bagel looks pretty damn good. Why can't we get this here??

The Boss looks something similar to the old McFeast burger that McDonald's was selling in the USA back in the late 1970s. Anyone remember the McFeast? The McFeast was basically their massive sized burger, and it had the same crease down the middle of the bun as this burger. The McFeast sold in the USA for only a year or two, and then McD's killed it. I understand they're now selling another McFeast burger in other countries, though they don't look anything like the old USA version.

Tandoori Chicken Sandwich - Now I would definitely buy this if they made them here. McDonald's describes this as "tandoori marinated chicken breast slices in a toasted roll with lettuce, slices of tomato and cool cucumber with a mint and yoghurt flavoured dressing".

The KiwiBurger - Unfortunately, McDonald's of New Zealand doesn't have this on their webiste menu. But it did exist at one time, or perhaps still exists. It was just a quarter-pounder, topped with egg, and slices of "beetroot", some kind of red beet vegetable. Fast Food Fever has all the details on this burger wonder.
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Chocolate Science Kit

DC Duby Science Kit
The "Science Kit", photo by DC Duby
The "Science Kit" from DC Duby is unique chocolate dessert idea allowing people to "experiment" with various combinations of sweets.

The kit is intended for 8-persons and includes components for 4 distinctly unique chocolate experiments, (two temperature versions of each for a total of 64 portions) each based on a scientific principle.

The Science Kit is a home-chef gift version of DC Duby's "Wild Sweets Tasting Flight", a novel concept in molecular gastronomy presented during their participation at the 2005 Masters of Food & Wine.

The Science Kit is packaged in a custom-designed kit box and gift sleeve, and will be released just in time for the 2005 holiday season through DC Duby's Wild Sweets Virtual Boutique.
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JUNK - Drop the Cotton Candy or I'll Shoot!

JUNK by Christopher LargenJUNK is the name of a novel by Christopher Largen, a saga on the War on Junk Food. The novel is available as an online download.

In response to rampant obesity, the U.S. government declares a war on junk food. Agents are dispatched to investigate salt addicts. Candy wrappers are confiscated as paraphernalia. Insulin is outlawed for concerns that it would send mixed messages about sugar abuse. This is the world of JUNK.

Described as a "riotious exploration of prohibition", JUNK hauntingly follows the same lines as the Prohibition Era in America, and the more recent war on drugs, but focusing on our love/hate relationship with junk food.

What's scary about JUNK is that it could be easily be a self-fulfilling prophecy, considering recent attempts to sue fast-food restaurants for contributing to heart disease, and new legislation in California to ban the sales of soda-pop in schools. The kind of Orwellian society chronicled in JUNK may not be too distant.

Largen provides a sampling of JUNK, in which he cleverly draws parallels between biblical teachings of right versus wrong, and the movie "Charlie and Chocolate Factory"...
Before he could catch himself, Moe rose, shouting, "I've had it
up to here with this blasphemy, you've gone too far! Were you high on sugar when you cooked up this rubbish? You're giving me one serious case of indigestion!"

Now Pastor Smith stood, yelling, "God's forgiving nature is manifested and revealed through the character of Wonka! Don't you see? Every kid who abuses food gets destroyed, a natural consequence of sin. But Charlie inherits Wonka's kingdom precisely because he can resist the urge to eat the gobstopper. The film is anti-junk! It would be tragic and senseless to keep children from getting the Christian message of this sanctified tale."

Moe pointed his finger at Pastor Smith. "That's manipulative,
and you know it! Sure, Charlie returns the gobstopper, but he winds up with the factory itself! This young boy goes from experimental use to full-scale production and distribution in the bat of an eye!"
When writing JUNK, Largen found inspiration using materials from our current war on drugs, including court records, news articles, and letters from prison.

JUNK can be purchased online for $15.00
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17 October, 2005

Pomegranate Ice Cream with Chocolate Chips

SheerBliss Ice CreamSheerBliss, a gourmet ice cream brand, is offering Pomegranate flavored ice cream, with chocolate chips thrown in for good measure.

It comes packed inside a galvanized, decorative beige tin, and will be hitting store shelves in Los Angeles and the Greater New York area beginning today.

SheerBliss ice cream is made with the highest quality ingredients and is offered in 7 different flavors:

  • California Pomegranate

  • Vanilla with Pomegranate Swirl

  • Pomegranate with Dark Chocolate Chips

  • Freedom (Vanilla, Pomegranate and Blueberry)

  • Mediterranean Coffee

  • Chocolate

  • Vanilla

  • and a Pomegranate Bar (Pomegranate ice cream coated in rich, dark chocolate)
Thanks to an exclusive agreement with POM Wonderful, the company that makes pomegranate juice, SheerBliss incorporates POM Wonderful 100% Pomegranate Juice when creating their pomegranate-based ice cream flavors.

SheerBliss retailers:

Los Angeles & Orange County - Bristol Farms; How's Markets; Vicente Foods; Pierre Lefont Store; and Jensen's Market.

New York and Connecticut - selected Food Emporiums; Fresh Direct; selected A&P's; West Side Market; Garden of Eden; Amish East and West; Essentials; Village Farm; Gristede's and Jefferson Market.

New Jersey - Kings
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EatSmart Cafe Fries

Cafe FriesSnyder's of Hanover has a new product called "Cafe Fries". They're like french fries packaged up like potato chips.

Sold under Snyder's "EatSmart" brand, they're described as all natural seasoned potato snacks made with 100% pure canola oil. They come in two flavors, Tangy Tomato & Spices, which supposedly is like eating real french fries with ketchup, and there's Malt Vinegar & Sea Salt, which resembles the English pub fries.

They're already available at grocery stores.
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14 October, 2005

62 Pound Hamburger

Cooks in Serbia last Sunday grilled up a 62 pound hamburger patty in an attempt to earn themselves a spot in the Guinness Book of Records as the World's Largest Hamburger. They succeeded, beating the old record by 2.5 pounds.

It took a team of people just to hoist it on to the grill, and then flip it over. When finished, it was served up on a cornbread bun.

There's a slide show and video.

NBC30 Via Mind Over Matter
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Dog Breath Chili

Doug WilkeyWanna taste some really good chili? Try Dog Breath Chili.

The intestine-churning concoction was good enough to fetch $30,000.00 for its creator, Doug Wilkey of Shoreline, Washington, in the "World's Best Chili Cookoff" hosted by the International Chili Society's 39th Annual Chili Cookoff.

The spicy, flavor-filled red chili, dubbed "Dog Breath Chili", earned rave reviews from the judges for its exceptional depth and richly blended character, and beat out 400 other heart-burning contenders.

ConAgra Foods contributed $5,000 of the award because Wilkey's winning recipe included Hunt's tomatoes, Ro*Tel diced tomatoes & green chilies, Gebhardt chili powder and Wesson oil, all ConAgra brands.
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Hustler Magazine Launches Restaurant Chain

The next time you cruise down Las Vegas Boulevard, you might see a new restaurant, "Hustler Bar & Grille", the newest venture from smut publisher, Larry Flynt.

Among the menu choices are USDA Prime and Choice steaks, fresh fish, rotisserie chicken, baby back pork ribs, specialty salads, wood-fired pizzas (in select locations), pasta, sandwiches, burgers and mouth watering desserts. You know, the same stuff you find everywhere else!

The interior will feature French limestone floors, hand-painted fabrics, contemporary lighting and an abundance of cherry wood. No word yet when the first location opens up for business.

Via Weird News Today
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Luau-Style Hawaiian Food at Home

Ever wish that you could experience the great-tasting traditional Hawaiian food served at the luau in your own home? Now there's a way! 1st Luau offers your favorites such as Portuguese Sausage, Kalua Chicken/Pork/Turkey, and Poi shipped directly from Oahu to your kitchen table.

The items are cooked in an Oahu cooking facility and then frozen so that it can be safely shipped anywhere in the U.S. Most items have a fair shelf-life when refridgerated or frozen so you can order them in advance for your next luau or other gathering.

The prices are reasonable as well:
Kalua Chicken/Pork/Turkey ~ 12oz. = $6.99 or 5lb = $34.99
Portuguese Sausage ~ 10oz. = $3.29
Poi ~ 1lb = $6.99

For these and other traditional Hawaiian foods, visit http://www.1stluau.com/.
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