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07 September, 2005

Tofu that Tastes like Human Flesh

HufuHufu is the name of a tofu-based product designed to resemble the taste of human flesh. Billed as the "Healthy Human Flesh Alternative", it's designed to provide connoisseurs of people-eaters with a legal way to please their palates.

The Hufu website provides a variety of recipes that originally called for human flesh, but now uses hufu as a replacement.

So what does human flesh taste like? According to the website:
If you've never had human flesh before, think of the taste and texture of beef, except a little sweeter in taste and a little softer in texture. Contrary to popular belief, people do not taste like pork or chicken.
The makers are also planning to create similar products, "Hufu Healthy Hearts" and "Hufu Doctor Lecter's Liver".


B J on 9/23/2005 06:26:00 AM said...

Why would anyone want to consume human flesh as a regular source of food? If there is a circumstance to cause such a last resort and it must restore balance between the humans and whatever else may be living, I MIGHT understand. Flesh eating is not eaten for legitimate nutritional purposes. We are, in all of our richness in our country, are a poor, underfed nation that prefers to let our own people starve while helping other third world nations. An act of humanity? Possibly. Good intentions? Maybe. But eating human flesh? NO. WRONG. VERY WRONG.

B J on 9/23/2005 06:27:00 AM said...

Perhaps we should apply the irrational "logic" of meatarian propaganda to the fact that in very rare occurrences, a chimp will kill and eat a baby chimp, and therefore conclude that meatarians should kill and eat their own young. At least, this would solve the global overpopulation crises.

Anonymous said...

this is nasty. i am sorry, but there are much more important feats to undertake than this.

PrinceOfBeasts said...

wait... are you serious? first off, we are not letting anyone starve, anyone who has the capability to get a low level job can afford to feed themselves. you dont have to be intelligent or anything, just well mannered, ive been there, it doesnt cost too much to feed yourself, and believe me, the government is sending all its resources to third world countires like you give your dog your dinner when you toss it table scraps. second of all, what the fuck is a meatatarian, or whatever you said. people are omnivores, it is healthy for us to have a deverse diet, its how our bodies work most effeciently. Tough it is true that americans probably eat more meat than is good for them, most of the strict veagans i know are frail and weak. we jsut need to find a balance. and third, it ISNT HUMAN FLESH, so how is it nasty. its soy beans. if youve never been curious, dont touch it, but i for one would love to try eating another person, but as its highly illegal and morally unsettling, i think this is a great. in conclusion, your all morons.

Anonymous said...

You're all pretty dumb to object so strongly to flavored bean curd. It's tofu. And this is such a cool idea.

It's legal, it's a novelty, it's a conversation-starter, it's vegetarian, AND everyone can try it at least once.

Now, the only question remains is, "is it affordable?..."

I think it's funny and cool. Let it stay.

stven said...

Honestly...that's pretty gruesome and disgusting. There are some people in life who had to go through cannibalism and this isn't making things better. That being said, do us a favor and go use your skills to invent something that can be put to better use.

Anonymous said...

Why would someone want to eat something that taste of human flesh.

Anonymous said...

>Why would someone want to eat >something that taste of human >flesh.

Why would someone eat something that tastes like dead cow?

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised no one mentioned the most disturbing part of the blog, how do they know what human flesh tastes like?

Anonymous said...

people who "like to eat" other people, tend to make ,me feel homicidal. They make me want to kill them or have them put to death, then waste their perfectly good "yummy" bodies by dumping them in a mass prison grave.

In essence these people are not new, only cowards, who like the rest of us don't want to struggle for their food.

Anonymous said...

all of yall are protesting the idea of cannibalism but do nothing about it, then when someone tries provide an alternative to cannibalism you protest that as well... hypocrites!

Anonymous said...

what has become of our world.... to make something this gross and to think that someone will eat this .... ewe..... we need to get our morels back on track.

Anonymous said...

I don't think it has anything to do with morals? Where does it say in any religion "Thou shalt not eat bean curd flavored to taste like human flesh"? That's right no where. Also no one is forcing you to eat it so just move along, and let those who are interested in eating BEAN CURD do so.

Anonymous said...

I think this is cool. Call me psychotic if you want, but I've always wondered what human would taste like, after watching Silence of the Lambs as a child. Then watching films about the Donner party and most recently Hannibal Rising. Naturally, like most people, I would never act on it because I couldn't kill someone to get it. I always said, however, that if I ever had to have an arm or leg amputated, I would request I keep it and cook up the good, diseaseless meat to try. Think of the stories you could tell. I'd probably never really do it, but it would be interesting. This is a great idea to allow the curious to act on the impulse without harming another human. Similar to those with violent tendencies being able to play video games as an outlet of that impulse. And this could actually decrease crime, although on a small scale. I'm sure there are some cannibals out there that could possibly be willing to switch to Hufu instead of murder. And to the guy that said there are more important things to focus our science on: Tofu can be flavored and textured as nearly anything you like, it really wasn't a massive scientific feat to accomplish this. Just a matter of knowing the taste/texture of human flesh and then finding the most efficient way to simulate that through tofu.

Anonymous said...

I am a black man....actually be the first backman(person)ever who have the strong desire to devour human flesh.....I wonder does color of skin and race makes a difference in flavor.

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