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23 September, 2005

Papa John's Introduces the Perfect Pan Pizza

Papa John's Perfect Pan PizzaPapa John's International today announced the introduction of "Papa's Perfect Pan Pizza", the largest and most significant new product roll-out in the company's history and the first new crust offered by the pizza brand in nearly ten years.

It features a thick buttery-tasting crust made with olive oil, and a new zesty robusto pizza sauce with chunks of tomato and flavored with garlic, Italian herbs and spices. Papa's Perfect Pan is square and deep so customers can pile on loads of their favorite ingredients from Papa John's.

Beginning today at Papa John's restaurants across the country, consumers can order a large Papa's Perfect Pan pizza with up to five toppings at a special introductory price of just $12.99.

Helping launch Papa's Perfect Pan is recently inducted football Hall of Famer Dan Marino, perhaps the greatest GO DEEP quarterback in history. Marino will appear in Papa John's national advertising campaign for Papa's Perfect Pan, including television, print and radio, advising consumers to "go deep" with Papa John's.

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