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10 September, 2005

Milk Revealed as Main Cause of Osteoporosis

The Milk ImperativeAll these health food fads just make me laugh. First we were led to believe that drinking milk makes our bones strong. Now, we're being told that drinking milk causes Osteoporosis. At least the claim of this new book, "The Milk Imperative".

In fact, it even goes on to say that consuming calcium actually feeds cancer. Great!

I can't tell you off hand if the author of the book has an agenda against milk, or what. I know that the "militant vegans" out there have unleashed propaganda trying to get us to stop consuming animal matter. This just could be more vegan propaganda.

Nonetheless, the fact is that everyone dies sometime. So why bother turning yourself crazy trying to follow every freaking diet fad, or trying to maintain a balanced vitamin regimen? Just eat what you want!


Russell Eaton on 12/29/2005 10:57:00 AM said...

Hi Steve,
I've just seen your comments about my book The Milk Imperative. I have no militant agenda. Here are the facts:

The advice to drink milk as a way of combating osteoporosis is erroneous advice. This is so because far from protecting the bones, dairy milk actually causes osteoporosis. All the latest medical research is clearly indicating that dairy milk increases bone turnover (the rate at which calcium is processed into the bones and then out again). High bone turnover weakens bones by depleting the body's limited reserves of bone-making cells. Dramatic advances in stem-cell and bone research are showing that the body has a finite reservoir or 'capacity' for making new bone. When you consume dairy milk this greatly increases the amount of calcium that is 'pumped' in and out of bones, thus depleting valuable bone-making cells and weakening bones. Osteoporosis is not about how much calcium you consume, it's about how much bone turnover you have. To avoid osteoporosis we need to reduce bone turnover - this does not reduce bone-density, but it does preserve valuable bone-making cells. The way to strengthen bones and avoid osteoporosis is to avoid dairy milk and eat a healthy varied diet. This provides the body with more than enough calcium, while at the same time preserving bone-making cells.

Yours sincerely
Russell Eaton
Author of The Milk Imperative

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