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20 September, 2005

Halloween Shakes from Steak n Shake

Steak n Shake Halloween FlavorsOf all the Halloween flavors, a recent study found that nearly 80 percent of Americans crave chocolate and caramel apples most this spooky season.

To that end, the Steak n Shake chain of restaurants is offering two new flavors to its line of ice cream shakes:

  • Dark Chocolate Double Fudge Sundae Shake - A lush dark chocolate milk shake with a double shot of hot fudge, topped with chocolate whipped cream, sprinkled with chocolate chips and topped with a cherry.

  • Caramel Apple Sippable Sundae Milk Shake - A decadent taste of crisp tart apple milk shake, caramel, whipped cream, drizzled with more caramel, and topped with a cherry.
These new flavors, dubbed the "Halloween Sippable Sundae Milk Shakes", will be available at all Steak n Shake restaurants from September 14 to October 31, 2005.


Anonymous said...

its atucllly september 5th and you forgot the smores shake

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