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26 September, 2005

Coke Relaunches Tab as Energy Drink

Tab EnergyCoke announced that they will be relaunching Tab as an energy drink.

Tab had once achieved status as the most popular soda in the America during the 1970s, but has since slid down into obscurity with the onslaught of diet soft drinks in the 1980s.

Coke has slimmed down the can into something reminiscent of the 1960s, and poured in some extra caffeine, to market it towards young women. Tab Energy does not taste like regular Tab, which had already undergone recipe changes numerous times since the height of Tab stardom.

A small but loyal following of Tab afficionados kept the spirit going however, and created an online cult following, which has since elevated it back into popularity again.

Source: Atlanta Journal Constitution


deusdiabolus on 9/29/2005 04:15:00 AM said...

Do what now?

Anonymous said...

As I mentioned elsewhere - Tab really never went away in Atlanta, with the Energy Drink craze and the popularity of dnL - this doesn't surprise me

Anonymous said...

I'm no expert, but...

This is not a Re-launch.
It is called a line extension.

The origianl TaB is not going away, this is just a new energy drink marketed toward women. TaB had a strong following among women, and the Brand fits with a trendy retro feel.

Anonymous said...

good idea except for the sucralose.
Saccharin is way better! P.S. They should revive real tab too

Anonymous said...

I agree about the sucralose--Saccharine is WAY better! I love my TaB original, I am drinking one right now....some of us love the taste--not the trends

Anonymous said...

I just had a can of this stuff. I am a big fan of the original TaB and have been able to find it locally. When I saw this "little" can with "Tab energy" in cute little letters, I just had to try it. I wouldn't say that I liked it, but it had an undefinable flavor that was definitely different. I hope that I'll still be able to find the original TaB, 'cause I'm not switching over to this stuff.

Anonymous said...

Tab energy is amazing, it tastes like watermelon jolly ranchers, in liquid form....

Its a rush

Anonymous said...

Loved Tab for years. Like the new "energy" drink.
I had one of these drinks at noon.
Have been in restroom ALL afternoon.
SUCRALOSE - SPLENDA - whatever you call it, causes diaherra! Works the same way on all my family members. Why do manufacturers keep tauting this laxative as the "mircale sweetner" it is NOT!

C.K. on 3/15/2006 01:07:00 PM said...

As long as the original tab stays, I'm book.

Anonymous said...

Tab Energy is completely different from Tab the cola drink.

I started drinking them a couple of weeks ago, and I have to ask....are they addictive? The drink is not that tasty, actually.

I really do have more energy, but if I go a day without having one, I am tired!

I do not find the exact contents (mg. of caffiene for example) on the can or website.

What is in that stuff?????

Anonymous said...

tab energy is fabulous. they target women but i really think it is for the metrosexual or even transgendered community. It's a very sexually energizing drink. And the can, well, it has its uses too!

Anonymous said...

love the tab energy. i have been drinking them every day. the sweetener used in tab energy is better for you. stick with it.

Anonymous said...

I'm from Canada. we don't have the original Tab here. so without comparison, I'd say this stuff rocks!! especially compared to Red Bull!!

Anonymous said...

need to know where i can find this Tab in Western NY

Anonymous said...

You obviously don't know jack about this product.

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