29 September, 2005

Woman Attacks Policeman with Chicken Wings

Chicken WingsBeverly Anne Campbell, 61, of St. Petersburg, FL, was arrested for misdemeanor battery and felony assault on a police officer, after pelting the officer with a plate of chicken wings, hitting him with a 2-liter bottle of Coke, and then punching him in the face.

The incident happened after the police officer spotted a car driving the wrong direction down a one-way street. He stopped the car, and then Campbell attacked him.

No word yet if the police officer will be required to undergo training on how to defend against little old ladies.

Sun-Sentinel Via MediaBum
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Heinz Silly Squirts Ketchup

Heinz Silly SquirtsH.J. Heinz Company has launched a new package design for its famous french-fry dipping sauce, called "Silly Squirts".

The cap of the bottle has three openings, with each opening having a different shape, thus allowing kids to draw pictures on their food using ketchup.

The company also claims that the shape of the bottle makes it easier for a child to grasp and squeeze.

Heinz has set up a mini-site that provides some better illustrations. Heinz is also setting up the official site for Silly Squirts, but as of this writing it's still under construction.
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Popeye's "Big Flava" Chicken Deluxe Sandwich

Popeye's Chicken & BiscuitsOn October 1, Popeye's Chicken & Biscuits will be rolling out a nationwide launch of their latest menu offering, Big Flava Chicken Deluxe Sandwich.

It starts with a hand-breaded, white meat chicken fillet, fried in the restaurant itself, which Popeye's says produces a moister, fresher, and more flavorable taste. It's topped off with a "round artisan bun" with a French-style crust, tomato slice and lettuce. The chicken is marinated in peppers, onions and garlic.

The new sandwich is available in two varieties, the "tame" and the "spicy".

Popeye's also notes that their new sandwich is "portable", perhaps in response to the great success of KFC's Snacker Sandwich.

Source: Press Release
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Diesel Fuel for Humans

Diesel Energy DrinkContinuing with more news out of United Brands Company, comes their latest energy drink, "Diesel", which the company claims is the world's most powerful energy drink on the market.

Diesel raises the bar on energy drinks by boosting the intensity of common energy ingredients, and throwing in additional new ingredients. The company says its "formulation specialists" mixed various flavors and concocted hundreds of taste combinations before settling on a taste profile that not only makes Diesel the most powerful energy drink, but the most delicious as well.

Diesel's high-energy pack features a combination of caffeine, plus energizing agents like gaurana and ginseng, and several amino acids, including Taurine, Arganine, Carnitine, Valine, Leucine, Isolueucine, Tyrosine, Bromine, Gasoline, Amphetamine, Kerosene, (er, scratch those last four).

However, Diesel is also good for you too. It's fortified with B vitamins and 100 percent of your recommended daily allowance of Vitamin C.

Diesel is available in regular and low carb versions, as well as two sizes: a 16 oz. "cylinder", offering 6,000 "horsepower" of energy components, and the 24 oz. cylinder, packed with a mega-dose 9,000 horsepower.

Source: Press Release
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3SUM has "Zing Factor"

3SUMUnited Brands Company, a beverage producer, today announced the nationwide launch of 3SUM, what they claim is the world's first entry into the category of "malternatives" (alternative malt beverages).

The new ready-to-drink alcoholic elixir, is a triple-filtered malt beverage with fruit flavors and a combination of caffeine, ginseng, and taurine. It comes in four flavors, Original, Apple, Watermelon and Tropical.

Michael Michail, the President and CEO of United Brands Company, says 3SUM is the "next big thing" in hip beverages, and that their product has "zing factor". So what the heck is "zing factor"? Who the Hell knows! But that's the claim that they're making.

The company says that 3SUM is designed to attract the attention of 20-something year old consumers through its "lively presentation full of vibrant colors". Their website plays a cacophony of hip-hoppish-disco music combined with photos of young adults having too much fun and getting lots of sex.

Source: Press Release
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28 September, 2005

R-Stores to feature Maid-Rite Restaurants

Maid-Rite Loose Meat SandwichR-Stores, a chain of gas stations with convenience stores, has partnered with Maid-Rite, a chain of Americana-style restaurants, to add Maid-Rite outlets into their convenience stores.

Maid-Rite is famous for their "Loose Meat Sandwiches", consisting of saucy ground beef on a hamburger bun, effectively a "sloppy joe".

The deal will focus on putting Maid-Rites into R-Stores throughout Wisconsin and Michigan's Upper Peninsula. R-Store will act as a franchisee of Maid-Rite.

Source: Press Release
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Carl's Jr. Launches New Portobello Mushroom Burger

Carl's Jr. Portobello Mushroom BurgerBeginning today, the Carl's Jr. chain of fast-food burger joints offers their newest creation, the "Portobello Mushroom Six Dollar Burger".

The take the same half-pound patty, with swiss cheese, red onions, tomato and lettue, but top it with a saucy concoction of sliced portobello mushrooms, and sauteed garlic and parsley.

The Portobello Mushroom Six Dollar Burger will sell for $4.79 at participating restaurants.

Source: Press Release
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27 September, 2005

Edible Easter Grass

Edible Easter GrassThis is actually a pretty sensible product if you think about it. Instead of filling up the landfills with shreds of green plastic that never degrade, get some that will.

Edible Easter Grass is a product of Germany, named "Hoch Fun-Food Edible Easter Grass", and is brought to the States by Chicago Importing Co. It's made of "wafer paper", a rice product, and is meant to replace the plastic variety that decorates easter baskets. And of course its landfill friendly too.

Won't be available until Easter of 2006.

Via CandyWarehouse
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Corn Flavored Ice Cream?

Palapa Azul Mexican Ice CreamThat's right, sweet corn that is. Palapa Azul has a line of "Mexican style" ice cream in some never-before seen flavors:

  • Goat's Milk Mexican Caramel

  • Sweet Corn

  • Flan

  • Mango

  • Coconut Sorbet

  • Mexican Chocolate

  • Hibiscus
Their ice cream line has been out since last summer, though their website looks pretty slow in getting update.

Via Variety
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Adjustable Hot Sauce

Dave's Gourmet Adjustable Hot SauceDave's Gourmet, the maker of the well known, "Insanity Hot Sauce", has introduced a new bottle design that lets you adjust how hot you want your sauce.

The bottle has two sections, one containing mild sauce, the other containing hot sauce. By turning the cap, you can control how hot or mild you want it. Then you push the cap to mix and apply the sauce to your grub.

Datamonitor Via About.com
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26 September, 2005

Baked Pork Rinds

Baked Pork RindsPork rinds, which we often refer to as "chicharrones" here in So Cal, have now entered the realm of "Good For You", now that Evans Food Groups, the maker of "Mac's" brand of pork skins, launched their baked variety of pig dermis.

The company claims that you can now enjoy the great taste of pork skins, while taking in just half the fat, and not to forget, zero carbs.

Press Release Via AdFreak
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Coke Relaunches Tab as Energy Drink

Tab EnergyCoke announced that they will be relaunching Tab as an energy drink.

Tab had once achieved status as the most popular soda in the America during the 1970s, but has since slid down into obscurity with the onslaught of diet soft drinks in the 1980s.

Coke has slimmed down the can into something reminiscent of the 1960s, and poured in some extra caffeine, to market it towards young women. Tab Energy does not taste like regular Tab, which had already undergone recipe changes numerous times since the height of Tab stardom.

A small but loyal following of Tab afficionados kept the spirit going however, and created an online cult following, which has since elevated it back into popularity again.

Source: Atlanta Journal Constitution
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Cinnabon's New "Cinnabon Bites"

Cinnabon BitesThe Cinnabon chain of cinnamon rolls and sweet goodies unveiled their newest product, "Cinnabon Bites", bite-sized versions of their famous cinnamon rolls.

Served in a cardboard box containing six each, Cinnabon Bites are marketed as a "portable" cinnamon roll.

Cinnabon Bites are already available at Cinnabon outlets everywhere.

Via Press Release
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Pizza Hut Selling Pan Pizzas for 25 Cents each

Pizza Hut pan pizzaYesterday, Pizza Hut launched its new promotion, which drops the price of a medium-sized one-topping pan pizza to just 25 cents.

It's part of their way of saying "Thank You America" for 25 years of buying the company's pan pizzas.

But there's a catch! To get the low price, you have to also buy a large Specialty Pizza at menu price. Still a great deal though, especially if you were planning to do a pizza party at the office.

The special Pan Pizza promotion runs for a month, ending on November 26 at participating Pizza Hut restaurants.

According to the restaurant, they sold nearly 168 million Pan Pizzas in just last year alone. If placed side by side, that many pizzas would exceed the circumference of the Earth.

Via Press Release
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Arby's Launches a French Dip Sandwich

Arby's Roast BeefYou'd think they would've done this a lot sooner! Arby's, the fast-food chain known for its roast beef sandwiches, is coming out with a french dip sandwich.

The new sandwich will contain the same roast beef it uses for many of its sandwiches, but will be slapped together on a french roll, and accompanied by a side of au jus sauce.

The French Dip Sandwich will be available in Arby's restaurants for a limited time beginning September 26, 2005.

Via Press Release
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24 September, 2005

KFC Scores a Big Hit with their KFC Snacker

KFC snackerKFC announced last week that their "KFC Snacker Sandwich" has been flying out of their stores as fast as they can make them, with some restaurants reporting sales volumes as high as 1,000 sandwiches per store per week.

The KFC Snacker made its national debut in March of 2005 and combines KFC's signature, premium breast meat Extra Crispy chicken strip, lettuce and pepper mayo on a sesame seed bun.

"The KFC Snacker is a huge hit with consumers because it satisfies their need for a high-quality, affordable, portable chicken sandwich," said Scott Bergren, Executive Vice President Marketing, KFC Corp. "The KFC Snacker is an example of how KFC is becoming more relevant to today's consumers. We are appealing to individuals as well as families with products that are in tune with their lifestyle needs," said Bergren.

Despite a nationwide boycott from PETA, and scores of celebrities trying to get consumers to stop buying from KFC, the restaurant chain is enjoying high-flying success these days. The company delivered ten straight periods of positive same-store sales.

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23 September, 2005

Papa John's Introduces the Perfect Pan Pizza

Papa John's Perfect Pan PizzaPapa John's International today announced the introduction of "Papa's Perfect Pan Pizza", the largest and most significant new product roll-out in the company's history and the first new crust offered by the pizza brand in nearly ten years.

It features a thick buttery-tasting crust made with olive oil, and a new zesty robusto pizza sauce with chunks of tomato and flavored with garlic, Italian herbs and spices. Papa's Perfect Pan is square and deep so customers can pile on loads of their favorite ingredients from Papa John's.

Beginning today at Papa John's restaurants across the country, consumers can order a large Papa's Perfect Pan pizza with up to five toppings at a special introductory price of just $12.99.

Helping launch Papa's Perfect Pan is recently inducted football Hall of Famer Dan Marino, perhaps the greatest GO DEEP quarterback in history. Marino will appear in Papa John's national advertising campaign for Papa's Perfect Pan, including television, print and radio, advising consumers to "go deep" with Papa John's.

Free Blackberry 7100G

Blackberry 7100GBefore picking up the phone to order the Perfect Pan Pizza, order it online instead. That way you get yourself a free Blackberry 7100G wireless handheld with integrated cell phone, email, SMS text messaging, web browsing and personal organizer. All you have to do is add one side item, plus two 20oz beverages to your online order, and they'll send you a mail-in rebate for the full cost of the Blackberry.
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20 September, 2005

Wienerschnitzel Unveils the New York Pizza Dog

WienerschnitzelAfter a successful five month test in Southern California, Wienerschnitzel is taking their "New York Pizza Dog" nationwide, beginning September 25.

The New York Pizza Dog features grilled Italian sausage served on a warm pretzel bun and topped with zesty marinara sauce and shredded mozzarella cheese.

"The New York Pizza Dog is now one of two Wienerschnitzel menu items that showcase our delicious Italian Sausage product," said Tom Amberger, director of marketing for Wienerschnitzel. "Our Italian Sausage (Sandwich) has already proven very popular with our customers."
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Halloween Shakes from Steak n Shake

Steak n Shake Halloween FlavorsOf all the Halloween flavors, a recent study found that nearly 80 percent of Americans crave chocolate and caramel apples most this spooky season.

To that end, the Steak n Shake chain of restaurants is offering two new flavors to its line of ice cream shakes:

  • Dark Chocolate Double Fudge Sundae Shake - A lush dark chocolate milk shake with a double shot of hot fudge, topped with chocolate whipped cream, sprinkled with chocolate chips and topped with a cherry.

  • Caramel Apple Sippable Sundae Milk Shake - A decadent taste of crisp tart apple milk shake, caramel, whipped cream, drizzled with more caramel, and topped with a cherry.
These new flavors, dubbed the "Halloween Sippable Sundae Milk Shakes", will be available at all Steak n Shake restaurants from September 14 to October 31, 2005.
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14 September, 2005

Betty Crocker Warm Delights

Betty Crocker Warm DelightsIt's like the old Easy Bake Ovens, but for adults.

General Mills' new "Betty Crocker Warm Delights" are single-serve cakes that come in microwaveable bowls. Just add water, stir it around, and then nuke it. It's all done.

There are five flavors to choose from: Hot Fudge Brownie, Molten Chocolate Cake, Molten Caramel Cake, Fudgy Chocolate Chip Cookie, and Cinnamon Swirl Cake.

And they're only $1.99 each.
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13 September, 2005

Peanut Butter & Jelly Popsicles

Nestle Ice Cream FlavorologistThat's the suggestion of one little girl in Martinez, Georgia. Her idea came in response to Nestle's call for the "World's Coolest Frozen Pop". They received suggestions from over 4,000 kids, and Nestle's judges whittled it down to ten:

  • PB&J POP (Emma B., 10 years old, Martinez, GA) -- The sweet, gooey, kid-friendly flavor of a PB&J sandwich moves from the lunchbox to the frozen pop. The tart flavor of raspberry jam sandwiched between two layers of smooth, creamy peanut butter definitely makes this snack a chilly classic.

  • HIP HOP BUTTERSCOTCH (Dylan R., 11 years old, Wodbury, CT) -- Bebop with a frozen pop that mixes the creamy candy taste of butterscotch with the smooth sweet flavor of vanilla.

  • CHERRY CHERRY BANG BANG (Brian H., 8 years old, Jackson, NJ) -- Terrifically sweet and undoubtedly crunchy, this pop certainly packs a mega cherry punch. One bite through the crunchy candy coating into the cherry sherbet center will make your mouth cheer.

  • BLUEBERRY SYRUP BREAKFAST WAFFLE (Raymond D., 11 years old, Monroe, MI) -- Hot off the griddle and right into your freezer, get the taste of breakfast any time with this wild waffle-flavored combo. Big blueberries swirled with the taste of syrup make this frozen pop a great snack all day long.

  • STOP POP (Haley H., 8 years old, Thousand Oaks, CA) -- Stop traffic with your very own fruit-flavored frozen stoplight. Tiers of sweet cherry, zippy lemon and luscious lime are sure to cause a traffic jam.

  • CARAMEL APPLE CARNIVAL POP (Rhiannon T., 10 years old, Abbeville, SC) -- From the fairground to your freezer, this frozen pop has a juicy apple core surrounded by a smooth caramel coating.

  • BANANA SPLIT ON A STICK (Shannon L., 10 years old, Cypress, TX) -- This banana-shaped treat has all the yummy ingredients that made the banana split famous. Lick up layers of creamy banana, rich chocolate and sweet strawberry.

  • SPARKLING JEWELS POP (Hailey M., Coeur d'Alene, ID, 7 years old) -- Make your taste buds sparkle with this glittery flavored pop. A runway-worthy bubble gum flavored pop decked out with edible pink glitter makes this perfect pop almost too pretty to eat.

  • FRUIT CONFUSION (Amber B., 12 years old, Silvis, IL) -- Half of this pop is purple, but tastes like pineapple. The other half is yellow and looks like lemon, but when you take a lick it is actually green apple. This confusing mystery pop will keep you guessing!

  • STRAWBERRY LIME SLIME (Ivanna S., 7 years old, Greenland, NH) -- A splash of red slime (strawberries) and a cup of green ooze (orange juice and limeade), mixed together for a crazy frozen pop concoction that's out of this world.
Each of the ten kids above won a $1,000 U.S. Savings Bond and a year's supply of Nestle kids frozen snacks, as well as a special box of their winning frozen pops (made especially for them in Nestle's Flavor lab).

But one of the lucky ten will be named Nestle's "Frozen Pop Flavorologist", and will enjoy an all-expenses paid trip to visit the top secret flavor lab (never before open to the public!) at the Nestle Ice Cream factory in Southern California where they will sample one of the tastiest jobs in America.

The lucky young soul will also get to try some of Nestle's outlandish frozen pop flavors in development, which include "hot bubble gum" and "macaroni & cheese".
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Best Dang Chicken on the Planet

Captain D's SeafoodCaptain D's Seafood is launching a new menu item today, "Batter-Dipped Chicken", which they're saying is "the best dang chicken on the planet".

These are chicken tenders hand-dipped into the same batter they use for fish, served with french fries, hush puppies, and a 22-ounce drink for just $3.99.

Batter-Dipped Chicken is available across at participating Captain D's Seafood restaurants for a limited time.

Via Press Release
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12 September, 2005

Harry Potter's Cockroach Clusters

Harry Potter's Cockroach ClustersDesigned to tie into the delicacy featured in the movie, "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire", the new "Harry Potter's Cockroach Clusters" is a new candy from Cap Candy, the makers of several lines of innovative confectionery.

Each roach has a juicy gummy underbelly and is covered with a crunchy candy shell, just like real cockroach wings. Each giant Cockroach Cluster measures about 2 inches long and 1 inch wide.

The new candy is scheduled to hit stores in October.
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Cereal, It's not just for Breakfast anymore

The Cereal BowlA new restaurant is set to open its doors in early this Fall called, "The Cereal Bowl". It serves only cereal.

The location will be in Miami, Florida, at the Rivera Plaza, located across from the University of Miami and next to the Shops at Sunset Place.

Guests will be able to make their own cereal creations or pick from one of many unique combinations created by The Cereal Bowl Team. With over 35 cereals both hot and cold as well as 50 toppings the possibilities are endless. The experience does not end with the bowl. Cereal bars, oatmeal smoothies known as Oaties™, and cakes will take cereal to a whole new level.

There will be Wi-Fi Internet, couches, televisions, newspapers, and periodicals will add to the ambiance of The Cereal Bowl.

Founded in 2004 by recent grads Kenneth Rader, Joshua Rader, and Michael Glassman, the inspiration for The Cereal Bowl was a product of their college days when they noticed that the average diet of a college student often times consisted of a bowl of cereal as a quick and appetizing alternative. The Cereal Bowl expands on this enticing snack by offering to South Florida a whole new way of partaking in one of America’s favorite eating pastimes.

The Cereal Bowl plans on opening its second location at University Corners in Gainesville, Florida directly across from The University of Florida sometime next year.
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Red Lobster Brings Back "Endless Shrimp"

Red LobsterRed Lobster is bringing back its popular promotion, "Endless Shrimp", with a selection of shrimp dishes.

You can get free refills of shrimp from a variety of dishes. Even more cool, with each refill, you can try a different dish.

Among the dishes to choose from: Shrimp Scampi, Garlic Alfredo Shrimp Pasta, Fried Shrimp, the restaurant's famous Popcorn Shrimp, and Coconut Shrimp Bites -- shrimp hand-dipped in coconut batter, flavored with Captain Morgan's Parrot Bay rum, cooked to a golden brown and served with a pina colada dipping sauce.
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10 September, 2005

Milk Revealed as Main Cause of Osteoporosis

The Milk ImperativeAll these health food fads just make me laugh. First we were led to believe that drinking milk makes our bones strong. Now, we're being told that drinking milk causes Osteoporosis. At least the claim of this new book, "The Milk Imperative".

In fact, it even goes on to say that consuming calcium actually feeds cancer. Great!

I can't tell you off hand if the author of the book has an agenda against milk, or what. I know that the "militant vegans" out there have unleashed propaganda trying to get us to stop consuming animal matter. This just could be more vegan propaganda.

Nonetheless, the fact is that everyone dies sometime. So why bother turning yourself crazy trying to follow every freaking diet fad, or trying to maintain a balanced vitamin regimen? Just eat what you want!
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Choosing a Wine for your Junk Food

Wine with your Junk Food"Might I suggest a 2003 Vina MontGras Cabernet Sauvignon Syrah Reserva for your Taco Bell Burrito Supreme, Sir?"

The Washington Post published an article that makes matches up some fast food faves with some favorite blends of old grape juice.

Via Fast Food Fever
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09 September, 2005

White Castle's Honey Chipotle Chicken Sandwich

White CastleWhite Castle announced today that they're coming out with a new sandwich, the "Honey Chipotle Chicken Sandwich". Sorry no photos.

The Honey Chipotle Chicken Sandwich is built on a new honey wheat bun and with their crispy all-white meat chicken breast. It'll be layered with Monterey Jack cheese and smoky sweet chipotle sauce.

The company expects to start serving them up in September, meaning right now, and continuing only through October. Too bad we don't have White Castles out here in the west, or I might try one.
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07 September, 2005

Panda Express to Launch Salty Snack Foods

Poore Brothers Panda ExpressPanda Express, the chinese fast food chain, has partnered with Poore Brothers, the maker of potato chips and other salty-wonders, to launch a new line of salty snack foods to hit store shelves as early as 2006.

It's not known yet what we'll be seeing, as Poore Brothers will be fielding consumer feedback to see what kinds of chinese-style goodies people would like to see. Could be salty fortune cookies, vinegar & salt almond cookies, who knows!

Under the agreement, Poore Brothers will be making all the stuff with the Panda Express brand on it. The new products will be sold in grocery stores and in Panda Express restaurants.
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Wild Bunch Wines for Wild People

Wild Bunch WinesMontevina Winery, a California-based wine, is now bringing us a new lineup called "Wild Bunch".

It's really nothing more than a fancy label. It's being marketed to those people who have a flair for the "wild side". According to Montevina...
Imagine if you could bottle The Boss. Or decant James Dean. Maybe snag a good Hendrix riff and have it ready for a live show at the twist of a screw cap.
Funny, the guys I know who like to listen to Hendrix probably wouldn't touch this stuff. To me, this is more like something those "rich urban bikers" might try, as a way to reassure their free-spirit persona.

Wild Bunch comes in two varieties:

  • Red - 69% Zin, 25% Syrah and 6% Barbera

  • White - 41% Chardonnay, 38% Chenin Blanc, 9% Pinot Grigio, 7% Muscat, and 5% Sauvignon Blanc
Wild Bunch began shipping out to store shelves on September 1.
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Tofu that Tastes like Human Flesh

HufuHufu is the name of a tofu-based product designed to resemble the taste of human flesh. Billed as the "Healthy Human Flesh Alternative", it's designed to provide connoisseurs of people-eaters with a legal way to please their palates.

The Hufu website provides a variety of recipes that originally called for human flesh, but now uses hufu as a replacement.

So what does human flesh taste like? According to the website:
If you've never had human flesh before, think of the taste and texture of beef, except a little sweeter in taste and a little softer in texture. Contrary to popular belief, people do not taste like pork or chicken.
The makers are also planning to create similar products, "Hufu Healthy Hearts" and "Hufu Doctor Lecter's Liver".
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06 September, 2005

Jack in the Box Launches New Breakfast Sandwich

Jack in the Box Cibatta Breakfast SandwichThis morning, devout masticators of clown food discovered a new item on drive-thru menus, the Ciabatta Breakfast Sandwich.

Since inventing the world's first fast-food breakfast sandwhich in 1969, Jack in the Box continues to take its breakfast customers into uncharted waters. The new sandwhich contains two eggs, Black Forest ham, American cheese, bacon and hollandaise sauce on a ciabatta roll.

The Ciabatta Breakfast Sandwich is the latest in a line of ciabatta-based menu items offered at Jack in the Box. Earlier this year, the chain introduced chicken sandwiches and burgers on the Italian-style bread known for its crispy crust and soft, porous interior.
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Red Robin's New Chili Chili Menu

Red Robin Gourmet BurgersBeginning today, Red Robin Gourmet Burgers is offering a few new chili items to heat up your mouth as Fall temperatures start cooling down.

  • Chili Chili Cheeseburger - A fresh beef patty served open faced with chipotle mayo, cheddar cheese, diced red onion and topped with a heaping portion of Red's Homemade Chili Chili

  • Loaded Chili Chili Cheese Fries - Red Robin's Signature Steak Fries with a heaping portion of Red's Homemade Chili Chili, cheddar and pepper-jack cheeses, sizzling bacon, jalapenos, sliced green onions and side of ranch

  • Red's Homemade Chili Chili - Fresh ground beef and red kidney beans with a perfect blend of fresh poblano and chipotle peppers, and plenty of seasoning. Topped with cheddar cheese, diced red onion and tortilla strips
The "Chili Chili" items will be offered through October 30 at all Red Robin locations.
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