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26 August, 2005

Privacy Policy

PeekingClear Digital Media, Inc. knows that everyone wants privacy, which is why we wrote this privacy policy to let our visitors of this weblog know what steps we're taking to make sure you're getting it.

Collection of Personal Information

This website does not collect any personal information from its users, with the exception of the following:

  • User IP Address: The server which this website runs on collects the IP address of each user. This is used to determine how many people, robots, and newsreaders are accessing its files. This information is not shared with any person or organization outside of Clear Digital Media, Inc.

  • Cookies: This website does not place cookies on its users' computers. However, cookies may be placed from its advertisers or affiliate merchants. Advertisers and affiliate merchants who participate on this website have made assurances that the information gleaned from cookies is used solely to track advertising and marketing performance, and is not shared with any other persons or organizations.
Website Content

Our policy is to refrain from publishing personally identifying information about any person on this website, unless we are granted permission to do so.

Some of the content published on this website may have originated from persons visiting this website. Anyone who submits content to us should expect to see their name and contact information displayed with the content, in the event that it gets published on this website, unless he or she specifies otherwise.


Any correspondence submitted to us through this website will be considered confidential, unless instructed otherwise.


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