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25 August, 2005

Let Us Announce Your New Products!

The purpose of Junk Food Blog is to announce the newest junk foods hitting the marketplace.

Approximately 56,000 readers visited us in February 2006, and we're expecting 66,000 visitors in March 2006. Many of them are bloggers and writers who go on to mention products they found here to their own readers.

Send your products to:

What Is Junk Food?

We consider "junk food" as follows...

1. Anything that is "ready to eat", not requiring any preparation, and...

2. Anything that is not marketed as a health food, and...

3. Anything that is generally consumed as a snack, and not as a meal.

Junk food also includes beverages, like sodas and energy drinks, as long as it fits the above three characteristics.

Moreover, we also consider fast food to be junk food (hamburgers, fries, milkshakes, pizzas, tacos, and all the other greasy stuff).

Required Information

1. Photographic image of the product (at least 300 pixels wide)

2. Detailed description, primary ingredients, taste, marketing copy

3. Availability, including date, and where to purchase

4. Manufacturer of the product, their location, which countries, or regions, the product is being marketed to.

If possible, send us the website address of the product.


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