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26 August, 2005

7UP Getting Desperate

7UP Plus with Marcia Cross and Nicollette SheridanWhen the folks at Cadbury Schweppes launched their "7UP Plus" variety of soda, which simply adds fruit juice fortified with calcium, they hoped to cash in on the nutritional supplement craze.

But a year later, sales have sagged.

Now they're getting desperate.

Desperate Housewives that is.

Last Wednesday they hosted a premiere party to offer a sneak peek at their new 7UP Plus television commercial. The ad shows Marcia Cross and Nicollette Sheridan trying to "seven-up" each other at the grocery store by loading in mass quantities of 7UP Plus into their shopping carts. The spot ends with Cross topping off her cart with the 7UP Plus stock boy.

The 7UP line has pretty much become a forgotten name, ever since Pepsico dumped it in favor of the Sierra Mist brand.

Press Release, via Brandweek


Anonymous said...

7up with splenda is still good, if you like it.

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